AZIMUT Park Hotel Volga Astrakhan 4* offers a wide range of additional services for quality rest.

From the services of a huntsman and the rental of fishing equipment to the organization of a bathhouse, a ferry crossing to the island and the rental of a conference room.

For guests of AZIMUT Park Hotel Volga Astrakhan 4*, some services are included in the price, for example, visiting the SPA-center.


Name Cost
Summer fishing
Huntsman services without providing a boat (light day) 3000 RUB
Equipped spinning 500 rub
Tent 200 rub
Winter fishing
Set for winter fishing (ice axe, winter equipment) 500 rub
Ice ax 200 rub
Fishing box 200 rub
Winter equipment 100 rub
Catch processing and preparation
Cleaning and cutting fish 250 rub / kg
Salting fish (salt sold separately) 250 rub / kg
Balyk making 600 rub / kg
Smoking fish 600 rub / kg
Deep freezing of fish 200 rub / kg
Filling fish 500 rub / kg
Individual transfer  (no more than 4 people) l/a 3600 RUB
Group transfer (7 people) "Astrakhan-Hotel-Astrakhan", minivan 7000 rub/one way
Crossing to the island by ferry (daylight) 2000 rub / flight


Name Cost Note
Additional accommodation services
Extra room cleaning 500 rub  
Laundry services (washing and ironing) 1 kg. according to the laundry list  
Car parking, motorboats 500 rub for non-hotel guests
Rent AZIMUT Park Hotel Volga Astrakhan (whole complex) 500 000 rub / day in agreement with the Hotel Administration, the amount can be adjusted
Additional Leisure Services
Bath on wood for up to 12 people. (billiards, rest room) 5000 rub / hour  

Day stay at the Base without accommodation, a gazebo is provided if available, the use of the FOC is included.

The period of stay at the Base is 9 am – 8 pm

  • Adult
  • Kids (7-12 years old)
  • Kids (0 - 6 years old)












for non-residents of the Hotel


from 9 am - 8 pm

Sauna, hammam:

from 6 pm to 8 pm

Rent a recreation room FLC 2500 rub / hour  
Billiard 400 rub / hour  
Rent a gazebo (brazier, skewers) 2500 rub / daylight  


Name Cost
Volga Conference Hall
Conference room rental (up to 4 –x hours) 2500 rub / hour
Conference room rental (more than 4 –x hours) 2000 rub / hour
TV 300 rub / hour
Clipker 100 rub / hour
Background music 100 rub / hour
Flip chart + markers 200 rub / hour
Screen 500 rub / hour
Screen + Projector 700 rub / hour
IT Manager Services 1000 rub / hour
Computer/Laptop rental 500 rub / hour
Lecture set (Badge, pen, notepad) 300 rub / hour