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Extreme in Krasnaya Polyana and Rosa Khutor

Where in Krasnaya Polyana can you find a suspension bridge, rope parks and rodelbahn?


Rodelbahn at the Rosa Khutor resort open all year round.

This entertainment came to us from the Alpine resorts. 

Rodelbahn — a mechanical two-seater sled sliding along a small monorail. It moves automatically, at a maximum speed of 40 km/h. The passenger has access to a handbrake. The attraction is safe, not very scary, but on the turns it will take your breath away.


Rope parks

Rosa Khutor

«Yeti Park» interesting for the whole family. This park offers the Yeti Jungle ropes course, in the forest zone of which there are 5 safe routes of varying difficulty levels for children (taking into account the child’s height).

In the mountainous area there are routes that will be interesting for the whole family, including adults. 

On Rosa Peak (2320 m), a suspension bridge at a dizzying height and a high-mountain swing on the edge of a picturesque gorge are available with a walking ticket for an additional fee.


A simple and family-friendly rope park is located in the Shaposhnikov Laura Biosphere Reserve (Part of the Gazprom resort).

Krasnaya Polyana

The rope park at the Krasnaya Polyana resort is located at an altitude of 1500 m, but for most of the routes no special physical training is required. There are special routes for children (from 7 years old, 110 cm).

The extreme amusement park at an altitude of 2200 m Gorky Fly offers a zipline, a 7-meter high mega-swing and a suspension bridge.


Other extreme activities

The resort cluster offers a variety of entertainment for lovers of extreme recreation: ATV riding, canyoning, mountaineering, skate parks, motorcycle parks, rentals of various types of extreme transport and much more. It is more convenient to decide on the choice of entertainment right on the spot: based on weather conditions and mood.