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Hiking in Rosa Khutor

How to choose a route, which paths to take?

Rosa Khutor — a favorite place for hiking, trekking and walking. You can find dozens of articles on this topic online and plan your own trip or  take advantage of ready-made routes, guide services and excursions.

Rosa Khutor hiking routes are listed on the official resort website. Difficulty levels are also described in detail here  age restrictions are indicated: there are routes 0+ for families with small children.   

A significant part of Rosa Khutor routes starts from Rosa Peak — These are scenic walks with fantastic panoramic views of the mountains, including alpine meadows and waterfalls. The routes are of average difficulty, but require some stamina. The most difficult of the declared — a six-hour walk through the Kharginsky forest, which ends with the Kharginsky waterfall.


An alternative to such long visits — Path of health. This is an ideal option to escape the heat, enjoy the fresh air and admire the greenery. The health path of Rosa Khutor begins right at AZIMUT Park Apartments Valset Premium Rosa Khutor 3*.

The main advice when choosing a route: calculate your strength and look at the weather. In the heat of the scorching sun, give preference to the forest.


Important: on any route, take care of sun protection, drinking water, rations, warm clothes (the weather in the mountains is deceptive), a phone charger and comfortable shoes.