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Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana, Gazprom in winter

How are the resorts different and where to ski?

3 meanings of the toponym Krasnaya Polyana

1. Village Krasnaya Polyana

Originally Krasnaya Polyana — a village surrounded by mountains 67 km from Sochi. It is quite far from the slopes of Rosa Khutor — about 15 minutes by car and almost two hours on foot. It is more convenient to settle directly in Rose Valley (more about it below). 

2. General name of the entire group of resorts

Krasnaya Polyana in a broad sense refers to the entire resort cluster, including the valley of the Mzymta River, the villages of Krasnaya Polyana and Esto-Sadok, ski resorts, in particular Rosa Khutor, where the hotels of the AZIMUT Hotels chain are located. 

3. Krasnaya Polyana Resort

Krasnaya Polyana — this is the name of one of the resorts. 

🚞 How to get there?

The high-speed train “Lastochka” runs from Sochi and Adler to Krasnaya Polyana several times a day. Depending on the place of residence, the Esto-Sadok station is suitable for travelers. (closer to the resort and village of Krasnaya Polyana) or "Rosa Khutor" (closer to the Gazprom and Rosa Khutor resorts). Closer to the Rosa Khutor station and to the hotels of the AZIMUT Hotels chain (from 2 to 20 minutes on foot, there is a bus).

From Adler Airport to Rosa Dolina you can also get there by buses 105, 105e, 135 and 135e.

Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana, Gazprom: what is the difference, where to ride?

In the ski cluster, as we wrote above, there are three resorts: Rosa Khutor, Gazprom, which is divided into two — "Alpika" and “Laura”, and “Krasnaya Polyana” (formerly "Gorki-Gorod"). 

Their main differences: the number and complexity of slopes, prices for ski passes.

  Krasnaya Polyana «Gazprom» Rosa Khutor
Length of trails

30 km

35 km

102 km

















Ski pass price (as of March 2021)

2850 RUR

2398 RUR

3450 RUR


Rosa Khutor — resort with the richest opportunities, although with higher ski pass prices. 

Krasnaya Polyana

In "Krasnaya Polyana" 30 km of pistes: 10 blue, 3 green, 14 red and 9 black.

During the 2014 Olympics there was a media zone here. 

For whom: the resort is loved by both experienced skiers and snowboarders, and beginners (in the lower part of the resort, between altitudes of 1500 and 960 meters there are blue and green slopes suitable for training). 

An important feature of "Krasnaya Polyana" — three circuses in the upper part of the mountains. Circus — it is a semicircular mountain valley surrounded by rock walls. The microclimate is such that snow sometimes lasts until mid-June. The second circus is chosen by freeriders for skating.

Prices: in March 2021, a ski pass in Krasnaya Polyana cost 2850 rubles.


«Gazprom» — the oldest resort in the cluster. Length of trails — 35 km.

It is divided into sub-resorts "Laura" and "Alpika", whose slopes and ski lifts are located on different banks of the river. 

For who: “Alpika” — space exclusively for experienced skiers and snowboarders — there are only 5 tracks and all are difficult: 3 red and 2 black. According to the height difference "Alpika" one of the top ten ski resorts in the world and suitablefor freeride.

«Laura» Recommended for beginner athletes due to comfortable, wide trails. The trails are located at an altitude of only 1600 meters. On "Laura" 21 tracks: 3 green, 7 blue, 8 red and 3 black. The resort has especially beautiful evening skiing surrounded by tall fir trees. 

Among other things, the Laura ski and biathlon complex — the only place in Krasnaya Polyana where you can go cross-country skiing.

Prices: on “Laura” and "Alpika" A general ski pass is valid, its cost: 2600 rubles. at the box office and 2398 rub. (prices are as of March 2021) when purchased on website.


Rosa Khutor

Rosa Khutor is considered the best ski resort in Russia according to the World Ski Awards. It was at Rosa Khutor that alpine skiing, snowboarding and freestyle skiing competitions were held as part of the 2014 Olympic Games.

For who: This is the resort with the longest length and variety of trails in the cluster — 102 km. 13 green, 25 blue, 19 red, 11 black. There is also room for freeriders. 

There are many restaurants, ski schools and rentals here. 

Evening skiing on Rosa Khutor — these are resort lights, stars overhead, well-lit pistes, magic and romance.


In addition, Rosa Khutor — main venue for winter sports festivals such as Tinkoff Rosafest, Quicksilver New Star Camp and the High Mountain Carnival BoogelWoogel with mass descent in swimsuits.

Minus: Rosa Khutor — the most popular ski resort in Russia, sometimes with huge queues for the lifts. And this despite the fact that the cost of a ski pass is higher than at neighboring resorts.

Prices: in January-February 2021, a ski pass to Rosa Khutor for one day cost 3,450 rubles, for three days — RUB 10,300 You can buy it on the official website.

!At the Rosa Khutor resort 5 hotels of the AZIMUT Hotels chain have been opened. The apartments located closest to the ski lifts are AZIMUT Park Apartments Valset Sport Rosa Khutor 3* and AZIMUT Park Apartments Valset Center, Premium Rosa Khutor 3*.

3 levels of Rosa Khutor

The Rosa Khutor resort consists of several high-rise levels.

1. Rose Valley. Hotels, restaurants, shops, train station, ski lifts

Rose Valley — the lowest level of the resort, with a train station. The valley is full of life: there is the largest number of hotels, cafes, restaurants and other entertainment. All five AZIMUT Rosa Khutor hotels are also located here: three in the center of the Valley — 5 minutes walk from the Rosa Khutor ski lifts; two at the beginning of the Valley — very close to the Rosa Khutor railway station and the Gazprom ski lifts.

2. Rose Plato. Olympic Village

Rosa Plateau is located at an altitude of 1170 m, this is the second level of the resort. All the main training trails of the resort, green trails, an instructor service, a children's school and a special children's slope are located here. An ideal place for beginners and people who prefer a measured descent. Here: recreation areas, restaurants, observation decks, lifts to the next levels, tubing, rodelbahn, co-working space. You can get here from the valley on the Olympia ski lift. For guests of AZIMUT Hotels, a ticket for this lift costs 100 rubles (regular fare ≈ 850-950 rubles).

3. Rose Peak. For pros and fans of super-species

Rose Peak — the third, highest level of the resort. Located at an altitude of 2392 meters. There are difficult black and red slopes here, but not only: there are also quite calm descents, for example, the longest descent of the resort begins here — green route "Yavor" 4.2 km long. Those who don’t ski also come here: to admire the mountain ranges, walk over the abyss on a bridge, or swing on a mountain swing over the abyss.


1. Distinguish between Krasnye Polyany: a village, a resort and a common namethe entire cluster of resorts, including Rosa Khutor, Gazprom and Krasnaya Polyana.

2. To get to Rosa Dolina (and AZIMUT Hotels) take the Lastochka to the final station “Rosa Khutor”.

3. All resorts in the Mzymta River valley are good in their own way. If this is your first time here, we recommend setting aside one day to try out each slope. Start with Rosa Khutor — AZIMUT Hotels guests have a discount on a walking ticket to the Olympia ski lift. and slopes next to the hotel. Continue on  "Gazprom" and go to Krasnaya Polyana if you are into freeride.

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