The main advantage of a holiday in a sanatorium is sanatorium-resort treatment. Correct and high-quality preparation – the key to the success of therapy. The more information about the health status of a vacationer is provided to the attending physician at the sanatorium, the higher the effect of treatment will be.

Mandatory minimum documents (adults):

  • Sanatorium-resort card(certificate in form 072/у) of the established form, no more than two months old
  • For citizens of the Russian Federation – internal passport, for foreign citizens – foreign passport, visa and migration card, other documents, in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation
  • If available – voucher (direction or power of attorney from an organization to receive a voucher)

Minimum required documents (children):

  • Sanatorium-resort card(certificate in form 076/у) of the established form, no more than two months old (if you are planning to treat a child)
  • Birth certificate (passport for persons over 14 years old)
  • Conclusion from a dermatologist confirming the absence of contagious skin diseases

Children under 4 years of age sanatorium-resort treatment is not provided, but to live and stay on the territory of the sanatorium, the above documents are required, with the exception of the sanatorium-resort card.

What you need to know about staying at the sanatorium:

  • Upon check-in, the guest is required to present identification documents, fill out a guest questionnaire, and receive a key card.
  • Information about services and fire safety rules is located in the guest book located in each room.
  • Calculated hours of the sanatorium – 12:00 pm, check-in time – from 2:00 pm
  • Stay on the territory of persons not residing in the sanatorium is allowed until 8:00 pm.
  • All medical procedures are prescribed exclusively by the attending physician of the sanatorium.

We wish you a pleasant stay and successful treatment!