An ancient merchant town with a well-preserved historical center – great idea for a weekend getaway or longer trip. We begin our tour with the city on the central square, Susaninskaya, where a large number of Kostroma sights are concentrated.

1. Fire Tower

The architectural dominant of Susaninskaya Square and one of the main "postcard" symbols of Kostroma. The luxurious building in the style of late classicism, reminiscent of an ancient temple, for many years was the tallest in the city. It now houses the Fire Museum.

2. Guardhouse

Located in proximity to the fire tower. The pediment in the Empire style is decorated with columns, cornices, stucco compositions based on the plots of Greek mythology. The building of the guardhouse houses an exposition of the military history department of the Kostroma Museum-Reserve.

3. Trading rows

On the opposite side of the square, you can see stone trading stalls built at the end of the 18th century. It is noteworthy that the architectural monument is still used for its intended purpose: there is a market, numerous cafés and shops selling products of local manufacturers. We buy souvenirs and taste the famous cheese from Kostroma!

4. Church of the Savior in Rows

The snow-white five-domed church, built in the 18th century at the expense of Kostroma merchants, organically fits into the complex of shopping malls. The graceful bell tower echoes the building of the Fire tower on the other side of the square, forming a single harmonious architectural ensemble.

In the area of ​​Susaninskaya Square there are many establishments for every taste and budget – choose any. Refreshed, we move on.

5. Simanovskiy's street

One of the most beautiful streets of Kostroma, where interesting historical buildings have been preserved. Pay attention to Stozharov's house with a carved porch and pretty wooden turrets, magnificent forged gates between the buildings of the college and the music school, and the white stone walls of the ancient Epiphany-Anastasia Monastery.

6. Ipatiev Monastery

We are approaching the most famous Kostroma landmark. The monastery, which is often called the cradle of the Romanov dynasty, is located in a picturesque place at the confluence of the Kostroma's rivers and Volga. In the main Trinity Cathedral, you can see an old carved iconostasis and unique wall paintings.

7. Architectural and ethnographic complex "Kostroma Sloboda"

The open-air museum near the Ipatiev Monastery houses masterpieces of wooden architecture from the Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod and Vologda regions. There are collected wonderful wooden churches, rich peasant huts, in which the interior decoration has been completely restored, various outbuildings.

A trip to Kostroma will no doubt be incomplete without a walk along the Volga embankment. Let's slowly walk along the banks of the Volga, enjoying the magnificent scenery.

8. Landing stage — historic river jetty

Debarkader No. 103 – the iconic place of Kostroma, known to everyone from the frames from the film "Cruel Romance". Now there is a restaurant on the water "Old pier", the interiors of which are recreated based on the famous film directed by Eldar Ryazanov. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of having dinner with real merchant chic, plunging into the atmosphere of old Kostroma.

9. Ostrovsky's arbor

We return along the embankment towards the city center. On a high embankment, preserved from the ramparts of the ancient Kostroma Kremlin, there is an elegant snow-white rotunda associated with the name of A.N. Ostrovsky. The great playwright, author of many plays about merchant life, lived in Kostroma for a long time and loved these places very much. The pavilion also served for the filming of one of the episodes of "Cruel Romance". One of the best views of the Volga opens from here.

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