Every day thousands of people flock to the capital: on a business trip, on vacation, to visit family and friends, or just for a short change of scenery. Your travel experience largely depends on the hotel you stay at.

AZIMUT Hotels – the largest Russian hotel chain that meets high standards of hospitality, offering guests comfortable accommodation and many additional services. All AZIMUT hotels are located in the central areas of the city, and you do not have to spend much time to get to the most interesting Moscow attractions.  

AZIMUT City Hotel Smolenskaya

Literally a couple of minutes of leisurely walking from the hotel is the legendary, oldest and most beautiful Moscow street – Old Arbat. At the end of the 80s, Arbat became pedestrian, which was a very unusual phenomenon for a large city of that time. Subsequently, when “streets without transport” appeared in the historical centers of many Russian cities, and the popular name was assigned to them – our local Arbat.

Arbat – one of the main symbols of the capital, its heart and soul. A huge number of architectural masterpieces, museums, and theaters are concentrated on a small street with a length of only 1.2 km. Take a look at the Pushkin Museum-Apartment (Arbat St., 53, building 1), attend a performance at the Theater named after. Vakhtangov (Arbat St., 26), sit with a cup of coffee on the summer veranda of one of the many cafes, watch performances by street musicians, take a walk along the intricacies of Arbat alleys, and you will undoubtedly feel the unique atmosphere of the ancient and eternally young capital.

AZIMUT City Hotel Olympic

15 minutes by car or half an hour by metro – and you are at VDNH. Large-scale reconstruction carried out in recent years has breathed new life into the monumental Soviet-era monument. Today VDNH – These are not only luxurious pavilions in the Stalinist Empire style and beautiful multi-figured fountains, but also new landscaped parks with shady alleys, many interesting museums, cultural, scientific and technical centers for children and adults. 

In 2022, the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, “The Sun of Moscow,” was opened at VDNKh. Rising 140 m above the ground, you will see a magnificent panorama of the capital from a bird's eye view. In the spacious cabins the temperature is maintained at + 22°C all year round, so the trip will be comfortable in any weather. Some booths are equipped with a transparent floor – a real gift for lovers of extreme sports and thrills.

AZIMUT City Hotel Tulskaya

Half an hour's walk from the hotel, on the banks of the Moscow River, is located one of the oldest monasteries in the capital – Danilovsky (St. Danilov) monastery. Founded at the end of the 13th century by Moscow Prince Daniil Alexandrovich, the monastery was rebuilt several times and today has a layout that developed by the 19th century.

The ensemble of the monastery is eclectic, which gives it a special charm and originality. The most architecturally interesting is the elegant three-tiered bell tower in the Baroque style that adorns the gate temple of Simeon the Stylite. 


AZIMUT Hotel Derbenevskaya

From the hotel you can walk in about half an hour to one of the most amazing and atmospheric places in old Moscow – Krutitsky courtyard. The ancient residence of Moscow metropolitans seemed to have come out of a fairy-tale picture – brick chambers, a cozy courtyard paved with cobblestones, carved shutters of small neat houses.

The territory of the courtyard is quite small, however, you can spend more than one hour here, enjoying the silence unusual for the capital and thoughtfully studying the interesting details of ancient buildings.  Pay attention to the two-story tower with a gate, decorated with majolica tiles – Indeed, a real fairy-tale mansion!

AZIMUT City Hotel Comcity

The newest Moscow hotel AZIMUT and the only one remote from the center. However, this has its advantages: where else can you live in the capital two steps away from a forest, and a well-maintained one.  

Govorovsky forest – a cozy, well-equipped forest park in the west of Moscow.  It is quiet here, there is a lot of greenery, birds are singing, and there are all the benefits of civilization: bike paths, benches, sports and children's playgrounds. If you prefer privacy, silence and fresh air to the temptations of the metropolis, choose  AZIMUT City Hotel Comcity, you will not make a mistake.