Moscow knows how to surprise! Even those who have lived in the capital all their lives and, it would seem, know everything here. We go for a walk around the city – discover new locations or look at familiar places from an unusual angle.


With these words, the imagination usually draws a characteristic historical building of the central part of St. Petersburg. However, a similar architectural feature can be found in the center of Moscow, although, of course, in smaller quantities.

To feel the «Petersburg» color, take a walk through the courtyards in the Tverskaya area (house 6, building 6 and   12, building 8) or look into the arch of house 8/18 along Maly Kozikhinsky Lane. One of the most beautiful houses with a courtyard-well is located on Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 22. The building is decorated with graceful triangular bay windows and arched niches.

Izmailovsky Kremlin and vintage market

Unlike its famous counterpart, the Izmailovsky Kremlin has never performed a defensive function and appeared in the capital quite recently. The cultural and entertainment complex, stylized as old Russian architecture,  was built in the early 2000s near the historical Izmailovo estate. On the territory of the Kremlin there are 9 museums and numerous venues for holidays and festivals.

Connoisseurs of antiques and interesting vintage things are attracted by the Izmaylovsky Vernissage, or simply – swap meet. In the endless malls, old books, coins, furniture, dishes, Christmas decorations – silent but expressive witnesses of a bygone era. Even if you don't plan to buy anything, just take a stroll around Vernissage – a kind of open-air historical museum will allow you to make a small fascinating journey into the past.

Krutitsy Compound

Compound of the Krutitsy Monastery – one of the most charming and atmospheric places in Moscow. Despite the proximity of busy transport arteries, amazing peace and quiet reigns here – an ideal place to get away from the eternal Moscow hustle and bustle without leaving the capital.

Time seems to have stopped here. Ancient red-brick chambers, neat cobbled paths,  small cozy houses of the Krutitsy metochion carefully preserve the unique spirit and color of old Moscow. In summer, when the area is immersed in greenery, it is especially pleasant to walk here, enjoying the timeless, peaceful beauty.



Moscow is sometimes ironically referred to as a "large village". Laughter with laughter, but within the boundaries of a giant metropolis, several villages have indeed been preserved. Troitse-Lykovo, located in the metropolitan area of Strogino, miraculously survived during the large-scale construction of the late 1980s and today is included in the List of Protected Villages of Moscow.

The wooden houses of Trinity-Lykov peacefully coexist with modern high-rise buildings. This is perhaps the most striking example of metropolitan eclecticism and a true symbol of the "city of contrasts". The main attraction of Trinity-Lykov – an old estate on the banks of the Moskva River with a beautiful white-stone church of the Trinity in the Moscow baroque style.


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