Bashkortostan – a vibrant, distinctive region located on the western slopes of the Southern Urals. The variety of natural landscapes here is amazing: huge mountain ranges covered with dense forests, steep slopes that attract climbers and skiers, an abundance of clean lakes and rivers, fertile valleys, a rich flora and fauna – all this is Bashkiria. On the territory of the republic there are several reserves and natural parks, where you can see with your own eyes magnificent natural monuments, enjoy peace and quiet away from the bustle of the city.

Shulgan Tash

The reserve in the Burzyansky district of the republic, covering an area of more than 22,500 hectares, is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Southern Urals. The most famous object in Shulgan Tash – the karst cave of the same name (another name is Kapova Cave), where the oldest rock paintings of the Paleolithic era were discovered on the walls. For many centuries, the cave was used as a miraculous temple-sanctuary and still retains a special mystical atmosphere.

At the entrance to the cave there is a Blue Lake. Despite the miniature external dimensions (diameter about 3 m), the depth of the reservoir is more than 80 meters. Due to the high content of radon, the crystal clear water has a bright turquoise color, which gave the name to the lake. 

Shulgan Tash – habitat of the population of Burzyan bees. Due to these wonderful insects that Bashkir honey is famous far beyond the borders of the republic. In Shulgan Tash there is a thematic museum dedicated to the history of beekeeping. Every autumn, the reserve hosts Beekeeper's Day; beekeepers, connoisseurs and honey lovers from all over Russia take part in it.

Sterlitamak Shikhans

Shihan Hills – unique geological objects: these are coral reefs, millions of years ago located at the bottom of the ancient Permian Sea. The slopes of the shihans, consisting of biogenic limestone, are strewn with fossils of corals and mollusks – a very unusual sight for the hilly steppe landscape.

To date, three shikhans have survived in the Sterlitamak area – Tratau, Yuraktau and Kushtau. In summer, the tops of the amazing hills attract paragliders, who take flights over the picturesque surroundings from here. In winter, there is a ski slope on the slopes of the largest shihan, Kushtau.

Muradymovskoye Gorge

The natural park, located in the south of Bashkortostan, is a rock canyon in the valley of the Bolshoy Ik River. You can admire the panorama of the  Muradymovsky Gorge from the observation deck on Mount Ozontau.

The park is famous for its caves of limestone origin, there are more than 40 of them, in some of them rock paintings and traces of ancient human sites were found. The caves are quite different from each other in terms of relief, microclimate and the nature of the animal world. 

The Pigeon Cave (or Pigeon Grotto) got its name due to the numerous nesting sites of the rock pigeon. The Great Labyrinth Cave consists of a network of corridors-wells, their depth reaches 18 m. The largest cave – Novomuradymovskaya stretches for almost 2 kilometers. A stream flows in the cave, and on the walls you can see  picturesque calcite deposits.

River rafting

The traditions of water tourism in Bashkiria are long-standing, dating back to Soviet times. There are many routes here, both for experienced water tourists and for beginners.

The Yuryuzan River flows in the Yangan-Tau Geopark, in a rocky area among forested mountains. The river has a calm current, so you can go rafting even with children. From the water there are beautiful views of the surrounding natural beauty.

White – the main river of Bashkortostan, which has a length of 1420 km and crosses the entire territory of the republic. People can raft along the Belaya not only by kayaks, but also by catamarans and inflatable boats. Fishing enthusiasts often flock to the upper reaches of the river – the fishing here is excellent for roach, pike perch, bream, and grayling. 

The flow of the Zilim River is smooth, but in some places it is interrupted by fast rapids, so it is better for more experienced tourists to go here. Rafting is possible from early spring to late autumn, but inin midsummer the river is low.

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