Kola wind farm in the Murmansk region – is an amazing mix of harsh polar nature, a land that keeps the secrets of pagan beliefs, crystal lakes and modern technologies for the production of environmentally friendly, green energy.  

More than 400 athletes will take part in the race. For adult participants, there are 5 distances: 3 km, 8 km, 20 km and 50 km, as well as a team relay race of 7 by 7 km. Young trail runners will try their hand at the children's race. All proceeds will be used to help charitable foundations of the Murmansk region. When buying a slot, participants will decide for themselves who exactly they want to support.

The organizer of the event is the operator of the Kola wind farm – Russian energy company "EL5-Energo", developing "green" energy in Russia. Respect for the environment – is the basis of the philosophy of the company «EL5-Energo». During the race, separate waste collection will be organized, and runners will receive silicone reusable cups in their starter packs. This approach saves several tens of kilograms of plastic, which is formed during races using disposable tableware. All tracks in the wind farm are laid along existing roads and developed areas so that the impact on the unique northern tundra is minimal.

Participants of the event will be able to use a small parking on the territory of the wind farm. To preserve the environment, an additional transfer will run from AZIMUT City Hotel Murmansk to the wind farm and back.

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