About hotel

The modern AZIMUT Hotel Rostov is located in an old park a 5-minute walk from the Rostov Kremlin. The hotel has 51 rooms, a restaurant and a banquet hall. A cozy place for tourists traveling along the Golden Ring, and a great venue for events and celebrations.

What's nearby


What's nearby
  • Spaso-Yakovlevsky Monastery 3.2km
    Rostov Kremlin, 600m
    Lake Nero, 800m


What's nearby
  • Bus station, 1.5 km
    Train station, 1.4 km


What's nearby
Pet Friendly
Pet Friendly
Phone number
+7 (910) 950 06 92 Reception
+7 (485) 367 90 98 Booking department
+7 (485) 367 90 98 Corporate Sales Department