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Cable cars in summer: where to go?

Where do the Krasnaya Polyana and Rosa Khutor cable cars lead?

Each of the Krasnaya Polyana resorts has its own independent network of cable cars.

In summer there are two types of lifts:

  • 🚡 gondola — closed booths with seats;
  • chair — open chairs with a safety bar.

Where to climb?

Rose Peak 2320 and Stone Pillar 2509 and Mendelikha waterfall park

On Rosa Khutor, you should definitely climb Rosa Peak, the most popular of the surrounding peaks.


  1. in Rosa Valley (560 m above sea level), take the Olympia gondola lift, in 15 minutes it will take you to Rosa Plateau station (1170 m).
  2. On the plateau, take the “Reserved Forest” gondola lift, which will take you to a height of 1350 m.
  3. From a height of 1350 m along the “Caucasian Express” gondola cable car you will rise to Rosa Peak at a height of 2320 meters, where from the observation deck at cloud level you will see a magnificent panoramic view of the mountains.

At the same crazy height, you can walk along the suspension bridge over the gorge. At the Rosa Peak station you can go paragliding (with an instructor), and for those who prefer more earthly pleasures — We recommend the restaurant "Vysota".

From Rosa Peak begins a dizzying walking route to the highest point of Krasnaya Polyana — Peak "Stone Pillar" (2509 m). The route is independent and not very difficult, but it will require some stamina and, of course, comfortable shoes.

From Rosa Peak (2320 m) you can take the Edelweiss chairlift down to the Mendelikha waterfall park.

To the Olympia cable car the closest hotels are VALSET SPORT, VALSET CENTER and VALSET PREMIUM. For guests of the AZIMUT Hotels network there is a special price for this lift — 100 rubles (regular tariff is at least 850 rubles).

«Gazprom-Alpika»: the longest cable car

We recommend taking a ride on the 3S cable car between the Gazprom-Laura resorts. and "Gazprom-Alpika" — the longest in Krasnaya Polyana. Its length — 5500 m with a height difference of 1100 m. It offers stunning views of the resort and hotels.

Near the Pikhtovy station you can visit a deer farm, a husky park, or ride a rodel.

In addition, the 3S lift with a subsequent transfer to the G cable car begins the route to the Bzerpinsky cornice.

The hotels VALSET HOME and AZIMUT Hotel FREESTYLE Rosa Khutor 3*.


Polyana 2200 and Polikarya waterfall

At the Krasnaya Polyana resort We recommend going up on the gondola cable cars "Krasnaya Polyana" (K-1), “Relic forest” (K-2) and “Vershina” (K-3) to the height "Polyana 2200", where the observation deck and the panoramic restaurant "Vershina 2200" are located.

It is worth taking a look at one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Sochi — Polikarya waterfall.


  1. from the Krasnaya Polyana gondola cable car station through the "Glade 960 m" get to the station "Eastern Forest" (K-10).
  2. Next, transfer to the chairlift: from the station "Eastern Forest" (K-10) you need to get to the “Start of the Champion” stop, from there to the final point — station "Polikarya Waterfall".
  3. Then walk along the mountain paths to the waterfall itself.


To fully enjoy the trip on the cable cars of the Krasnaya Polyana resort cluster, it is usually recommended to come here for at least one overnight stay and here’s why:

  • if you are traveling for one day, the weather may let you down: it will be cloudy or foggy;
  • one of the most impressive phenomena here — these are mountain sunsets that are best viewed from the peak. For this there is a special walking ticket “Sunset at the Peak”;
  • wake up in the cool, healing forest air to the sound of a mountain river — priceless!

To decide which hotel of the AZIMUT Hotels chain in Rosa Khutor to stay at, read the following article.