About hotel

METROPOL Hotel Moscow is a 5-star hotel in the heart of the capital. It was built in 1899-1905 according to the idea of the philanthropist, the owner of the first private opera in Russia, Savva Mamontov, as a "theater with a hotel." The great contemporaries of Mamontov took part in the creation of the hotel: William Walcott, Mikhail Vrubel, Nikolai Andreev and many others.

What's nearby


What's nearby

  • Kremlin
    Red Square
    Polytechnic Museum


What's nearby

  • metro station Teatralnaya
    metro station Revolution Square
    metro station Lubyanka


What's nearby

  • Bolshoi Theater
    Zaryadye Park
    Moscow Cinema

Hotel facilities

Event halls (16 rooms)

Boyarsky, 189 m²
Brusov, 185 m²
Bunin, 54 m²