About the country hotel

AZIMUT Park Hotel Pereslavl is an international country hotel complex. It is located near the must-see tourist cities of Russia: Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Vladimir, Rostov. At AZIMUT Park Hotel Pereslavl there are two main buildings, SKY and FOREST. Lovers of secluded recreation can settle in separate guest houses with the whole family or a group of friends. 4 guest houses are equipped with Russian, Finnish or Turkish baths. The hotel offers fully equipped disabled-friendly rooms.

What's nearby


What's nearby
  • Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral
    The Plescheevo Lake National Park
    Memorial Estate "Boat of Peter I"
    "Kleschin" and Alexandrova mountain
    Folklore museums


What's nearby
  • Pereslavl-Zalessky, 12 km
    Berendeevo Station, 10 km
    Lake Pleshcheyevo National Park, 30 km
    Aleksandrova Gora, 19 km
    Rostov, Nero, 77 km


What's nearby
  • Dendrological garden them. S.F. Kharitonova
    Fairy-tale "Berendey's House"
    Mystical "Blue Stone"
    Railway Museum "Kukushka"
    "Museum of vendace", which lives only in Pereslavl
    Complex "Russian Park"

Hotel facilities

Event halls (7 rooms)

Pereslavl-Zalessky, 300 m²

Please choose seating chart

Pereslavl, 167 m²

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Zalessky, 144 m²

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Does the hotel participate in any other loyalty programs?

Yes. You can get acquainted with all affiliate programs that are available to all our guests in the "Our partners" section.

How much will the room cost if I stay for a month?

We take an individual approach to loyal guests and provide special prices for long stays.
To clarify the cost of living at AZIMUT Hotel Pereslavl, you can call 8 (48535) 6 70 00, or AZIMUT Hotel Pereslavl Reservations reservations.pereslavl@azimuthotels.com, or read special offers for long stayson our website azimuthotels.com.

Are there any discounts if I rent a room for my birthday?

On your birthday, we give you a certificate for a 10% discount in our lobby bar, as well as a gift in the form of a fruit plate and champagne (for adults).

Does the hotel offer pensioners discounts?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts for pensioners. However, you can book a room at the lowest possible cost on our official website by registering in the AZIMUT Bonus program.

Can I use Aeroflot miles to pay for a hotel?

It is not possible to redeem miles for hotel stays. But you can get Aeroflot Bonus miles for staying at AZIMUT hotels. You can find more information about the terms of the partnership promotion in the "Our partners" section.

How to book a room?

You can book a hotel room in several ways: by phone, e-mail, at the reception desk, on the official website, as well as through third-party organizations and Internet sites.
When booking through third-party organizations and online platforms, you will not be able to receive points and nights for your stay under the AZIMUT Bonus program*

*When staying in A-Hotels, they are not charged even when booking on the official website.

How to check a booking request?

You can find information about the booking in the confirmation sent to the e-mail you specified when booking, or in the Personal Account created on our website.

Is it possible to book a room in my name for another guest to live in it

This is possible if you book through the hotel's website or booking service. When checking into the hotel, you must provide this information to the employee or make changes to the reservation in advance by phone or mail. However, according to the rules, the guest will still need to present his passport upon check-in and live under his own name.

Is it possible to book several rooms for the same name?

Yes, it is possible to book several rooms at the same time. If possible, the hotel staff will reach out to you to clarify the names of all guests who will be staying.

What are the benefits of online booking?

Our guests will be the first to know about promotions and discounts that are available only on our website

And when you register in the AZIMUT Bonus loyalty program, you will receive points and nights for each stay booked on the site, and additional discounts on all tariffs.

Is online booking safe?

Our site does not store any payment data of users.
For payment, high-quality online payment gateways are used, making them as safe as possible.
And the interaction is based on the secure https protocol (the data you enter, as well as the data transmitted between the payment gateway and the bank, are encrypted) and complies with the international PCI DSS card payment security standards.
As a result, online booking is safe and secure.

Is it possible to book a room on a specific floor and with a specific view?

We cannot guarantee to book a certain room with the view you are interested in, on a certain floor. But when booking, you can express your wishes. This service is free.

Why do you cancel after 6 pm without notice?

Non-guaranteed reservations are subject to cancellation after 6 pm.

We recommend you to guarantee your booking by paying for the first night of your stay.

How far in advance do I need to book a hotel room?

If rooms are available, you can make a reservation at any time and method convenient for you. We also recommend booking in advance due to occasional high occupancy during weekends, holidays and major events at our hotel.

When booking a room 5 or more days before arrival, you will receive an additional discount on accommodation. 

Is it possible to rent rooms by the hour, for example for filming?

The hotel has a special price list for booking locations for a photo session, including rooms. You can check with reception administrators for details.

Can I pay with cash/card upon arrival?

Payment can be made either in cash or by credit card, unless the terms of the tariff provide for payment before check-in

Did my booking go through? Can I duplicate a check?

Confirmation of a successful payment is a check that comes to your e-mail after booking a room along with a confirmation from the hotel. If you need to duplicate the receipt, the guest can inform the receptionist about this.

If the payment was made through an agency, you should contact its representatives.

Is payment accepted in dollars?

Payment is accepted only in the national currency of Russia - rubles.

Why is there one price on the site, but at the reception desk they say a higher price for the room?

This is due to the fact that the "Best Price of the Day" tariff is provided at the reception desk, which does not include possible discounts on promotions and special offers when booking on the official website.

Why are the room rates different for different dates? What does it depend on?

Dynamic price change depends on hotel occupancy, day of the week, major events at the hotel.

Is the price per night per room or per person?

The cost of a night's stay is indicated per room. This amount depends on the number of guests if breakfast is included in the rate (as well as half board meals, event tickets, etc.).

Can I split the payment among several people?

Yes, this is possible subject to payment of accommodation at check-in by guests staying in the same room.

Before paying, please inform the receptionist about the split.

Is prepayment required when booking a room? In what ways can I make an advance payment?

With a tariff that does not require prepayment, no. You will be given a link to pay, and payment can be made directly at the reception desk.

Prepayment is required only if the guest wants to guarantee the reservation or according to the terms of the rate, payment must be made at the time of booking.

Is there a QR code on your receipts?

Yes, you will find the QR code on all receipts from the hotel.

Can I pay for accommodation through my company, how can I do this?

To pay by bank transfer, send a request to the reservation service at reservations.pereslavl@azimuthotels.com and specify the company details in it. We will issue you an invoice for payment.

Do I have to pay a resort fee at the hotel?

There is no resort tax at the hotel.

Is it possible to change currency at the hotel?

Unfortunately, this facility is not available at the hotel.

What is included in the price?

The price includes accommodation and access to the gym. You can read a detailed description of the services in the description of the tariff you have chosen.

Is it necessary to put down a deposit?

There is no mandatory deposit required at the hotel. It is possible to make a deposit for additional expenses at the request of the guest.

Does the hotel work with or without VAT?

All accruals of AZIMUT Hotel Pereslavl include VAT.

What other additional fees might there be?

There are no mandatory fees from the hotel. However, some hotel services are provided for an additional fee (for example, breakfast, laundry and dry cleaning services, late check-out, rental of bicycles and other sports equipment, access to the thermal zone), so we ask you to clarify the possibility of their provision and cost in advance.

How to cancel a booking?

You can cancel the booking yourself in your Personal Account on the website, subject to the cancellation deadlines for the rate you have chosen. For additional questions, you can contact the hotel directly by phone or e-mail

Is there a late cancellation fee?

The amount of the late cancellation penalty depends on the conditions of the rate booked. Cancellation dates are stated on the booking confirmation. 

When will the money be returned upon cancellation of the reservation, if there was an advance payment?

Card refunds in rare cases take up to 45 business days and depend on the work of partner banks. But usually it happens within just a few days.

How to change booking dates?

You can change the dates of your stay in the same way that you booked your stay, that is, in your Personal Account, through the reservation department, by requesting the agency through which the booking was made.

Will the money be returned if I leave the hotel early?

If the conditions of the tariff allow it. Refunds are made in the same way you made the payment.

Can a booking be canceled without my knowledge?

For non-guaranteed (no pre-payment) confirmed bookings, if the guest does not specify an exact arrival time, the reservation may be canceled after 6 pm on the date of arrival local time.

Guaranteed bookings are kept until 12 pm local time on the day following the date of arrival.

How to change the room category?

The guest can change the category of the room in the Personal Account, subject to booking through the site; when booking by phone or email, changes are made by phone or email.

If you want to change the room category upon arrival, please inform the manager at the reception.

When you upgrade your room category, you must pay the difference between the booked category and the one you want to stay in at the Best Rate of the Day rate. There are separate conditions for members of the loyalty program and, if possible, the hotel is ready to provide an upgrade to the room category at no additional charge.

What time can I check into the hotel?

Check-in starts at 5 pm, the reception desk is open around the clock. You can find out about the possibility of early check-in by contacting the hotel's contact number or e-mail address of the reservation department.

Is there an option for early check-in late check-out, how much does it cost? What if I arrive in the city late at night?

Early check-in service is subject to availability. When booking in advance and with the need for early check-in (from 2 am to 2 pm), the guest pays an additional 50% of the room rate on the day of check-in at the rate "Best Rate of the Day"; for early check-in from 12 am to 2 am – the guest pays 100% of the cost of the previous night's stay in the room of the selected category at the rate "Best Price of the Day", in accordance with paragraph 27 of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated November 18, 2020 No. 1853 "On approval of the Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation" Participants of the AZIMUT Bonus program can actually be provided with an early check-in free of charge from 9 am, subject to availability.

The possibility of a late check-out is specified on the day of departure. When extending the stay from 12 pm to 6 pm of the current day, a payment of 50% of the cost of the room per day is charged at the rate "Best Rate of the Day" on the day of departure. If the guest plans to stay in the room after 6 pm, 100% of the daily rate will be charged. For AZIMUT Bonus program participants, the late check-out service until 4 pm is provided free of charge, subject to availability.

What documents are needed to check into a hotel?

For accommodation in the hotel, the Guest shows the passport of the Russian Federation, for children under 14 years of age, birth certificates are required.

Is it possible to check in a second guest at the hotel without a passport?

No, passport must be presented by all guests staying in the room

I have lost my booking confirmation number, what should I do?

The hotel staff will be able to find your booking by last name and first name.

Can I stay incognito?

No. We guarantee that the hotel does not transfer the personal data of the Guests to third parties, except in cases where the provision of information is a special obligation in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation. However, you must present an identity document to the hotel staff upon check-in.

Is it possible to check in with a driver's license, passport or other documents other than a passport?

No. Check-in is possible only with a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Children under 14 require a birth certificate

Do I need to present documents for a child?

Yes. To check into a hotel for minors under the age of 14, a parent, adoptive parent, guardian or other accompanying person must present an identity document, birth certificates of these minors, as well as the consent of the legal representatives (one of them) of the child to be accompanied. Check-in at the hotel of minors who have reached the age of 14, in the absence of legal representatives next to them, is carried out on the basis of identity documents of these minors and the consent of legal representatives (one of them).

Is it possible to leave my luggage somewhere on the day of check-in before check-in and until the evening on the day of check-out?

Yes, the hotel has free luggage storage, ask the receptionist.

Is the front desk open 24/7?

Yes, we welcome guests around the clock.

How to get to the hotel from the train station/bus station?

From the bus or railway station you can call a taxi, and the receptionist can help you with this. The cost of ordering a taxi is determined by the operator.

How long does it take to get from the train station?

It takes about 15 minutes to get to the hotel.

Where is the nearest public transport stop located?

Berendeevo railway station: 10 km, 11 minutes by taxi.

There is also a bus stop about 10 minutes walk from the hotel, but it runs several times a day, according to the schedule. Therefore, for those who do not have their own transport, it is most convenient to get to the city or to the station by taxi. 

How to get from the hotel to the city center?

The most convenient way is to call a taxi, the distance is 15 km.

How to get from the hotel to the main attractions of the city?

You can call a taxi and the front desk staff can help. The cost of ordering a taxi is determined by the operator.

Distance and travel time to main attractions:

Red Square (20 min, 14.7 km)

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral (20 minutes, 14.7 km)

Church of George the Victorious (16 minutes, 13.7 km)

Alexandrova Gora, Blue Stone, beach on Lake Pleshcheyevo (up to 25 minutes, 18-19 km)

Is there a shuttle to the hotel from the station or bus station?

No, the hotel does not provide a shuttle, but you can always call a taxi, and the front desk staff will help you with this. The cost of ordering a taxi is determined by the operator

Is there parking at the hotel? How much does it cost?

The hotel has three spacious and convenient parking lots for 400 cars.
Accommodation for resident guests – free. For guests not staying at the hotel, a parking fee of 200 rubles per day is provided, the first hour of parking is free.
When leaving the hotel, you can cancel your parking ticket by contacting the reception staff. Guests not staying at the hotel will be required to pay according to the amount of time spent on site.

Will parking be free?

Parking is subject to availability. But most of the time, with the exception of very large events at the hotel, it will not be difficult for you to find a free place.

Does the hotel have parking for motorcycles?

The hotel has public parking for all vehicles.

Is there bike parking?

Parking for bicycles is available at the rental building.

Can you send a copy of the star rating certificate?

Of course, for this, please contact the reception desk or contact us by e-mail.

Is the architecture suitable for the elderly and people with limited mobility? Are there special rooms for disabled guests?

Yes, the hotel has ramps and special adapted rooms for people with limited mobility.

Does the hotel have an elevator?

Several modern elevators operate for our guests.

Can I bring my dog/cat with me?

Accommodation with pets is possible upon agreement with the hotel administration, for an additional fee (1000 rubles per day per pet).

Where is the nearest ATM / branch of Sberbank located?

The nearest ATM is located in the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky at st. Svobody, 97.

Can I book tours/transfers at the hotel?

Our hotel does not provide excursions/transfers, however, the administrators can help organize them through third-party agencies or call a taxi, which is convenient to get to Pereslavl.

How many floors are there in the hotel?

AZIMUT Hotel Pereslavl includes 2 buildings. The Forest building has 5 floors, including the ground floor. The SKY building has 4 floors.

How to call the reception?

You can call the reception:
From the room - 1500.  
From mobile +7 (48535) 6 70 00.

What is your WIFI password?

The Wi-Fi network is called AZIMUT Wi-Fi Free. To join, enter  in the appropriate fields the room number and the guest's last name in Latin letters.

Can I make international calls and calls to other cities from the hotel? How can I do this?

This service is not provided. You can call, for example, via Whatsapp by connecting to the Internet via free WiFi.

Is it possible to rent a car at the hotel?

There is no car rental office at the hotel.

Does the hotel have a laundry service?

Yes, a sheet with a list of laundry services, deadlines and prices is located in each room in the closet.

Is there a place in the hotel where you can work with a laptop?

You can work in the lobby: there are comfortable chairs. A desk, power socket and Wi-Fi access are also available in all rooms.

Has your hotel received awards and recognition?

Yes, you can find information on the hotel page, and we announce new awards in the AZIMUT Life section.

Are guests allowed in the hotel? What time is allowed?

Allowed, at any time. 

Where can I get information about all hotel services?

You can find information on the official website, 
at the reception staff;
by phone from the room by dialing 1500; 
From mobile +7 (48535) 6 70 00.

Where in the hotel can I smoke?

Smoking area is located next to the hotel. All places are marked with a special sign. The hotel is non-smoking and there are smoke detectors.

Are there toiletries in the rooms?

The rooms and cottages have toiletries: shampoo, shower gel, soap, body lotion, disposable toothbrush and paste, and a shower cap.

Is it possible to accommodate three guests in a double room?

The maximum number of beds depends on the category of the selected room and the availability of extra beds in it (they are not available in the Standard rooms in the Sky building and the one-bedroom SPA cottage).

Information can be found on our website, in the description of the rooms.

Children up to 12 years old inclusive in AZIMUT Hotel Pereslavl stay free of charge in their parents' room, but without extra bed. An extra bed costs 1000 rubles per day in any room category.

Do the hotel rooms have air conditioning?

The rooms have an air conditioning system (with the function of changing the temperature regime). The guest can adjust the intensity of airflow and heating.

Is there kitchenware in the hotel rooms?

Each room has an electric kettle, two mugs and two glasses and a tea set: black and green tea bags, instant coffee, sugar.

Are there shaving accessories?

Contact the reception desk to get a disposable kit: razor + shaving cream.

Is there WiFi and how much does it cost?

For hotel guests, the Internet is free and available throughout the hotel. To register in the network, you must select the AZIMUT Guest network and then enter the guest's last name in Latin and the room number.

Do the USB/HDMI ports work on the TV?

Yes, TVs have this feature.

Is it possible to request a corkscrew in the room?

Yes, just call room service: 1621.

What is the difference between the different room categories in the hotel?

The hotel has 2 buildings SKY and FOREST.

The SKY building includes rooms of the Standard category (22 sq.m).

The FOREST building includes rooms of improved categories: superiors (27 sq.m), junior suites (35 sq.m), suites (55 sq.m). All rooms in the FOREST building are equipped with balconies.

The rest of the rooms differ primarily in area and furniture.

Are there rooms for people with limited mobility?

Yes. The lower floors of the FOREST and SKY buildings have fully equipped rooms designed for a comfortable stay of guests with limited mobility.

Are there smoking rooms?

The hotel itself is non-smoking, and the rooms are equipped with smoke detectors. But you can smoke on the street near the hotel, in a special area.

Is it possible to light candles in the room?

Lighting candles is prohibited by fire safety requirements, smoke detectors are installed in the rooms

Are there adjoining (connecting) rooms?

The hotel has adjoining rooms for people with limited mobility and their companions, with an internal door between the rooms.

What are the bed sizes?

The beds are King bed 2m x 2m and Twin bed 1.6m x 2m and are equipped with quality medium hard mattresses. In the SKY building, the size of the bed is 180 x 200.

Do all rooms have a toilet?

Yes, there are toilets in all hotel rooms and are finished with high-quality sanitary ware. Some suites have two bathrooms.

Are there any rooms with a bathtub?

Some rooms are equipped with a bath, some with a shower. If you have any requests, please indicate them when booking.

Is there a hair dryer in the rooms?

Yes, you will find it in the bathroom.

Is there an iron in the rooms?

There is an iron and ironing board in every room in the Forest building and cottages.

There is an ironing room in the SKY building.

Do the rooms have a refrigerator, freezer?

The room has a small fridge with a minibar to cool drinks.

Freezer in it.

Is there a safe in the rooms?

Yes, all rooms have electronic safes. Their use is free. You will find the instructions on the safe, and if you have any problems with the operation, you can contact the hotel staff.

Do the rooms have a balcony?

In the Forest building, all rooms have balconies. There are no balconies in the SKY building.

Is there a washing machine in the room/cottage?

There are no washing machines in the rooms. But the hotel offers laundry services, you will find the cost on a sheet in the closet.

Is there cable TV in the rooms?

There is no cable TV, only regular channels.

Is there a kettle in the room?

Yes, the rooms have an electric kettle, cups and tea and coffee bags.

Are there bathrobes and slippers in the rooms?

Yes, all rooms have slippers for each guest. A bathrobe can be given upon request: ask the receptionist by calling 1500 from your room.

Do I have to pay extra for bed linen and towels?

No, this is included in the room rate. You can ask for extra towels by calling reception 1500, it's free.

What is the hotel cleaning policy? How often are the rooms cleaned?

Cleaning is done daily. Additional cleaning is carried out on request and costs 1000 rubles. To order it, you need to call the reception desk 1500.

What time and in what format is breakfast served? How much does it cost (including per child)?

Breakfast buffet runs from 8 am to 12 pm at the Zhar-ptitsa restaurant. The cost is 1200 rubles per adult. Children 0 - 6 years old have breakfast free of charge. Children aged 7 -12 inclusive have a 50% discount on breakfast.

Is it possible to have lunch/dinner directly at the hotel?

In the lobby bar you can have lunch or dinner on the a la carte menu; on weekends and holidays, buffet meals are offered; in the hotel restaurant: lunch from 2pm to 4pm, dinner from 7pm to 10pm. 

The cost of lunch is 1,150 rubles, the cost of dinner is 1,650 rubles.

Where is the nearest place to buy groceries? Where is the nearest home improvement store?

On the territory of the hotel there is a shop with food, household and hygiene items, local products.

Is there an a la carte menu?

Yes, of course. Our hotel has an a la carte lobby bar, which is also available in the room service menu.

What restaurants and bars are there in the hotel?

Restaurant "Zhar-Ptitsa", catering according to the " ;buffet". Opening hours for breakfast from 8 am to 12 pm, lunch from 2 pm to 4 pm, dinner from 7 pm to 10 pm.

The lobby bar is open around the clock, the kitchen is from 12 pm to 2 am. A children's menu is available during kitchen opening hours.

Are there vegan, allergic or other specialty items on the menu?

The hotel does not have a special vegetarian menu, but the room service menu has vegetable dishes. There are special dishes for guests with allergies or individual intolerances.

Is it possible to order food and drinks to the room?

Yes. Orders, including from the children's menu, are accepted by room service, by the number 1621, the delivery cost is 150 rubles. You can order dishes from 12 pm to 2 am.

Does the restaurant have a children's menu and high chair?

In the restaurant "Zhar-ptitsa", where breakfasts are served for guests, there are high chairs, there is also a children's menu.

Does the hotel have a sports/gym, how much does it cost to use, do you need a doctor's note, what are the opening hours?

There is a gym in the hotel building. For guests staying at AZIMUT Hotel Pereslavl, admission is free. A doctor's note is not needed. The gym is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

Does the hotel have a swimming pool?

There is no swimming pool in the hotel.

Does the hotel have SPA and/or saunas, how much does it cost to use it? Do I need a doctor's note? What are the opening hours, are slippers and a bathrobe provided?

Yes, the hotel has SPA-complex, which includes 3 types of sauna (aroma sauna, Greek laconium and Finnish sauna) and a snow room, the cost is from 590 rubles per hour per person. Advance booking required.

What sports facilities are available at the hotel?

The hotel offers rentalsports equipment, bicycles, skis, skates.

There is a football field, tennis court, basketball court. In winter, there is a skating rink and a ski track.

Sports trainings are regularly held in the gym and in the fresh air. 

Is it possible to check in a child under 18 without parents? What documents are needed?

Yes. To check into a hotel for minors under the age of 14, a parent, adoptive parent, guardian or other accompanying person must present an identity document, birth certificates of these minors, as well as the consent of the legal representatives (one of them) of the child to be accompanied. Check-in at the hotel of minors who have reached the age of 14, in the absence of legal representatives next to them, is carried out on the basis of documents proving the identity of these minors and the consent of legal representatives (one of them).

How much does it cost for children to stay, baby cot, sofa for a child of 11 years old? How many children can be brought to the room?

Children under 12 without extra bed stay free of charge in their parents' room (no extra bed). An extra bed costs 1000 rubles per day, you will find the number of extra beds when booking. Baby cot (up to 3 years old) is available free of charge, subject to availability.

Please let us know in advance that you are traveling with a child.

Breakfast for children up to and including 6 years old is provided free of charge if included in the parent's basic rate. For children from 7 to 12 years old, there is a 50% discount on breakfast. For children over 13 years old, the cost of accommodation and meals is the same as for an adult.

Is there a playground nearby for children?

The hotel has several playgrounds, as well as a children's room with an animator.

Is there a children's room in the hotel?

Yes, the hotel has a children's room with an animator.

Does the hotel have a wheelchair room?

There is no special room for prams in the hotel. But our staff will always help you find a convenient place for the stroller.

Does the hotel have animation for children?

On weekends and during school holidays, a special program is organized for young guests: master classes, games, contests, discos and so on. Information can be found on the website.

Do you register foreign citizens?

Yes. For registration, a foreigner must provide a passport, a visa (if required), a migration card at the reception desk. Guests can pick up the registration the next day after arrival.

Does the staff speak English?

The AZIMUT international hotel network staff speaks at least Russian and English.

How can I get a voucher for a tourist visa at the hotel?

Contact the reservation department by phone or e-mail indicated on the site. The staff will send you the necessary documents.

Is the conference room available for a certain date?

For clarification, you can contact the Sales Department at sales.pereslavl@azimuthotels.com. Or fill out the booking form in the section Events and we will get back to you.

Is it possible to prepare a gift/surprise (for example, flowers, champagne) for a wedding or birthday?

Yes. For newlyweds and those who have a birthday, we provide a compliment from the hotel. Contact reception for details.

Can you celebrate our wedding? What are the possibilities for this?

Yes, you can hold a celebration in one of our banquet halls, you can accommodate the newlyweds and guests in our hotel. To clarify the possibilities, please contact the sales department sales.pereslavl@azimuthotels.com.

Can you host a conference, seminar or other business event? What are the possibilities for this?

Yes, you can find a description of our meeting facilities in Events . And then send a request to our sales department at sales.pereslavl@azimuthotels.com for more information and a quote.

How to activate my account and agree to the terms of the AZIMUT Bonus program?

You can activate your account and confirm participation in the AZIMUT Bonus loyalty program in a welcome letter, which we will send to your mail after registration. Don't forget to confirm your membership to earn points for your stays at the chain's hotels.

I am a member of the loyalty program, can I get a discount when booking by phone?

The AZIMUT Bonus loyalty program discount is provided only when booking on our official website in the Personal Account.

What are the conditions for using the privileges of the AZIMUT Bonus loyalty program?

Members of the AZIMUT Bonus program have access to 4 statuses, which are assigned depending on the number of points and nights earned within 365 days:

Bonus, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

Each status allows a member of the loyalty program to take advantage of privileges in the hotels of the AZIMUT network participating in the program*:

You can find a detailed list of privileges in the 'AZIMUT Bonus Benefits' section.

These privileges can only be used by the participant of the AZIMUT Bonus program, in whose name and surname the Personal Account on the site and the bonus account are registered. They are provided to the member based on his status on the date of arrival at the hotel and provided that the booking is made through the company's official sales channels: official website, telephone.

*A-Hotels do not participate in the AZIMUT Bonus loyalty program

Is it possible for several people to use one AZIMUT Bonus loyalty card?

No, two guests cannot use the same AZIMUT Bonus card.

The AZIMUT Bonus loyalty card is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to another person.

Why has my status in the AZIMUT Bonus loyalty program changed?

Maintaining your status in the loyalty program depends on how often you visit AZIMUT chain hotels and how many points and/or nights you have accumulated.

There are four statuses in the loyalty program, which are assigned in accordance with the number of accumulated points and nights. Initially, you are assigned the Bonus status. Your status changes as soon as you fulfill the conditions for assigning a new status below:

Silver status: from 70,000 points and/or 10 nights
Gold status: from 150,000 points and/or 30 nights
Platinum status: from 300,000 points and/or 50 nights

If within 12 months from the date of assigning the status — Silver, Gold or Platinum — you confirm your status by accumulating the required number of points or nights (for example, for Gold status it is 150,000 points or 30 nights), you keep your current status for another 12 months. Thus, when your status expires, the new status is calculated according to the number of points and nights accrued to your account in the 12 months since the status was assigned.

You can track your balance of points and nights in your Personal Account.

How can I use my accumulated AZIMUT Bonus points?

As part of your participation in the AZIMUT Bonus loyalty program, you can use your points as follows:

1. Book a rate for points on our website and fully pay for your stay with accumulated points.

2. Convert AZIMUT Bonus points into affiliate program points in your Personal Account on the website in the "Affiliate Programs" section.

What hotel services can be paid for with a bonus card?

You can use AZIMUT Bonus points by choosing a tariff for points on our official website and paying the full cost of your stay with it. More details at https://azimuthotels. com/ru/bonus.

Do I need to present my card to receive a discount?

You do not need to provide a card to receive a discount. You can book accommodation at special rates for members of the loyalty program only on our official website

Members of the loyalty program with Platinum status can get a 20% discount in bars and restaurants on site if they close an account for a room number by indicating the AZIMUT Bonus program member number in advance.

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