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AZIMUT Hotel Nalchik is a business and tourist hotel with modern rooms located in the resort area of Nalchik. The hotel is near the Arboretum and just a 15-minute walk from Atazhukinsky Park. The city center is 10 minutes away by car.

What's nearby


What's nearby
  • Botanical Garden, 0.9 km
    Atazhukinsky Park, 2.7 km
    Terrenkur "1000 steps", 3.1 km


What's nearby
  • Nalchik international airport, 9 km
    Nalchik railway station, 7 km
    10 minutes drive to the city center


What's nearby
  • Marko Vovchok Museum, 0,75 km
    Kursal, 1.8 km
    Kabardian State Academic Theater, 4.6 km

Hotel facilities

Booking Nalchik
Booking Nalchik

Event halls (2 rooms)

, 142 m²

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, 60 m²

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