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AZIMUT City Hotel Murmansk 4* is located on the "Five Corners" square in the city center. The hotel building is the highest beyond the Arctic Circle, so our guests can enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view of the city and the Kola Bay. After the renovation, these building with more than half a century of history and a symbol of Murmansk, turned into a multifunctional complex, which includes the AZIMUT Hotel Murmansk, a business center with offices for rent and a retail zone.

What's nearby


What's nearby
  • Steam locomotive monument L-4386
    Lenin nuclear icebreaker
    "Alyosha" Monument
    Church of the Savior on the Waters


What's nearby
  • Railway station


What's nearby
  • 5 Corners Square
    Park of Intervention Victims
    Murmansk Regional Puppet Theatre
    Art Museum
    Museum of Local Lore
    Drama Theater
    Regional Philharmonic Hall
    Murmansk Mall shopping and entertainment center

Hotel facilities

Event halls (11 rooms)

AZIMUT (1+2+3), 500 m²

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AZIMUT (2+3), 250 m²

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AZIMUT (1+2), 370 m²

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