AZIMUT Park Hotel Pereslavl is located away from the city, it is a quiet place, the main landscape of which — sky and fields.  

The territory covers as much as 30 hectares and offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. You can go for a walk along the well-groomed paths, enjoying the smell of grass and beautiful views of the surroundings.

If you prefer a more active holiday, we recommend renting a bike and cycling. Some guests even decide to get to Pereslavl by bike - it's only 12 kilometers away!  For children, there is a rope town and playgrounds on the territory. 


Garden, apple orchard and linden alley

Every spring, you can have fun and feel like an eco-tourist in the impromptu garden. Try to guess what grows in the beds or organize your own activity. This season, a very young linden alley of 53 young trees appeared on the territory of the hotel. Come watch them grow and bloom.

Also, along the walking lines you can find a small apple orchard. It blooms wonderfully in spring, and in the second half of summer and autumn, ripe organic apples appear on the trees.

Husky and ATV riding

On weekends and holidays, you can try positive entertainment on the territory: husky sledding. It takes place in good weather at any time of the year. In winter on a cozy sleigh, and in summer in a team with miniature wheels. Northern dogs love to have fun with children and give a great mood.

Specially laid trails outside the hotel make quad biking quite energetic and full of impressions. You can sign up for walks and skiing at the hotel reception for an additional affordable fee. Follow the activity schedule.

Animations and games for kids

From 9 am to 9 pm, the hotel has an animation service ready to entertain young guests with games, workshops and outdoor activities. Classes are held according to the schedule in different locations: on the street in front of the main entrance, on playgrounds, in the game room of the FOREST building and on the first floor of the Red House, depending on the load and schedule. These are useful developmental activities that children will love: drawing, modeling, creative programs, motor skills games, and much more.

Follow the schedule of activities at the hotel, information can be clarified at the reception.

Other facilities