Embankment of the Sura River

The landscaped section of the embankment is located on the left bank of the Sura between the street. Saranskaya and Ryleeva, and begins at the Bakuninsky Bridge. There are recreation areas, a children's playground, and the Tatlin Tower art object, which is turned on at night. Pay attention to the seating areas and other objects: the architects used motifs of traditional wooden carvings in their creation. Similar patterns can still be seen in the decorations of old wooden houses in the city and surrounding villages.

Distance from AZIMUT Hotel Penza: 11 km.

From the hotel you can get here by bus or minibus from the Burtasy Sports Palace stop

Moskovskaya Street with a pedestrian zone

If you want to have a nice walk, have a delicious lunch or go shopping – come here.

The main walking street of the city starts from the Spassky Cathedral and Lermontovsky Square.

Further along the street there are interesting buildings, monuments and shopping centers.

Among them are the Meat and Fish passages from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries with elements of Russian style.

Modern drama theater building, built on the site of one damaged by fire in 2008. Opposite it is the park named after. Belinsky with a monument to the famous literary critic, whose childhood was spent in the city of Chembar, Penza region (now Belinsky).

Monument of Repentance on the site of the destroyed Peter and Paul Church (in the area of residential building 86).

Original “Cuckoo” clock with zodiac signs. Monument to the Jeweler near the former Zhemchug store: to meet your other half, you need to put your finger through its rings.

Distance from AZIMUT Hotel Penza: 10 km

Sculpture Park «Legend»

This is the largest open-air museum of contemporary sculpture in Russia, which opened in 2008. There are more than 300 sculptures made of wood, marble, metal and other materials on the territory. Authors of the works – masters from all over the world. 

The museum complex also includes one of the world’s largest Japanese rock gardens and the “Source of Power” sculptural and natural complex.

The park hosts interactive excursions, you can visit the Art-Penza gallery of contemporary world art, and periodically events on contemporary art are held here.

Address: Ramzai village (Mokshansky district), Ozdorovitelnaya st., 9.

Distance from AZIMUT Hotel Penza: 19 km.

Zolotarevskoye fortification

The remains of an ancient fortification, the history of which begins in the 3rd-4th centuries AD. It is located in the forest near the village of Zolotarevka in the upper reaches of the Sura River. Here in 1237 a battle took place between local warriors and Mongol troops, as a result of which the city ceased to exist. Many artifacts were found on the territory: ceramics, tools, toys, weapons. The defensive rampart has been preserved. The locations of ancient buildings are specially marked.

Items found on the territory of the settlement are exhibited in the Zolotarevka Village Museum and the Penza State Museum of Local Lore.

Distance from AZIMUT Hotel Penza: 41 km. 

You can get here from Penza either by car or by intercity bus. 

Museum of Living Water "Kuvaka"

Distance from AZIMUT Hotel Penza: 95 km

Local sources of carbonated water were famous three centuries ago, and the local population had virtually no gastrointestinal diseases. In 1913, production was opened: water began to be poured into designer bottles and supplied even to the royal table, and shortly before the 1917 revolution, construction of a summer residence for Tsarevich Alexei began here. After the Great Patriotic War, local mineral water was supplied to the Kremlin.

Now they produce both bottled water and drinks based on it. In the museum you can follow the process of bottling water, visit the source, and taste drinks.

Nearby – ethno-museum "Kuvakskaya Izba", showing the life of the peasants of the Penza province.

Even if you don’t have time to visit the springs, you can try the local carbonated water and drinks based on it in Penza.

Address: Kamensky district, village. Kuvaka, st. Ovrazhnaya, 1

From Penza you can get here either by car or with an organized excursion. 

The estate of Mikhail Lermontov’s grandmother “Tarkhany”

Located in the village of Lermontovo, on the territory of the former estate of Mikhail Yuryevich’s beloved grandmother. The poet spent his childhood years here, and in general about half of his life. On the territory of the estate there is also a large park, outbuildings, temples, and cafes.

By the way, only 17 km from the village of Lermontov in the town of Belinsky (formerly Chembar) there is the museum-estate of V. G. Belinsky, so you can plan a full-fledged literary study day and take school-age children with you. ;

Distance from AZIMUT Hotel Penza: 110 km

From Penza you can get here either by car or with an organized excursion.