At first glance at the office, one can feel bewilderment: it does not look like other banks, but more like a cafe. Along the walls — round tables with comfortable chairs, and no dividing screens of large office equipment. She was "hidden under the hood", in a nice closet.

Phygital office — it is a combination of digital and physical channels. There is no traditional counter, but there are cozy service areas. Employees approach the client, and not vice versa, as we are used to. And they serve where it is convenient for him, in any part of the office, even behind the windowsill. Thus, the client's need for an office where you can come, personally communicate with specialists and get advice is satisfied. If all other banking institutions make offices for mass and premium clients, as well as for entrepreneurs, then Alfa-Bank went the other way, creating offices for everyone.

You can come with a laptop, sit here with a cup of coffee and work. We were looking for such a format so that there would be no binding to a specific manager, place, and so on, that is, by the type of coworking.