Summer in Yakutia is fleeting, but there are many interesting places and unique attractions in the kingdom of permafrost. August – the best time to get acquainted with the Yakut beauties in comfortable weather conditions, so do not postpone the trip and set off to admire the amazing nature of this beautiful harsh region.

Lena Pillars

A complex of high rocks on the banks of the Lena River – the main visiting card of Yakutia and one of the most famous natural monuments of Russia. The geological formation, formed more than 500 million years ago, is a giant, vertically elongated stone blocks, many of which have an unusual bizarre shape. 

You can admire the majestic spectacle from the ship or go hiking in the national park, on the territory of which the Lena Pillars are located. In addition to the stunningly beautiful pristine nature, you can see rock paintings preserved in a number of caves – petroglyphs, whose age is 5-8 thousand years. 

Toukulan sand dunes

The Lena Pillars park includes another natural phenomenon that attracts inquisitive tourists. Tukulans contrast sharply with the usual Yakut landscape – a real desert, only not in hot Africa, but in the permafrost zone in spring.  Scientists have not come to a consensus about the occurrence of a natural anomaly – sand dunes in the middle of the swampy taiga. Most likely, tukulans are the remains of a relic desert of the Ice Age. 

In summer, the weather here is quite comfortable + 25-30 °C, so you can go to Tukulans for several days with tents. The surrounding water bodies are rich in fish, and from the tops of the sandy hills, breathtaking views of the panorama of the Lena River and endless forest spaces open up.

Buluus Glacier

It was just a desert, and suddenly a glacier, how is that possible? Yes, such are miracles in Yakutia! By visiting Buluus, you can proudly show off your photo in a swimsuit against the backdrop of blue and white snow. Even if the thermometer rises above + 30 °C, which is not uncommon here in summer, the glacier does not even think of melting. Actually, the word «buluus» translated from Yakut as "glacier" or "cellar".

In the summer heat, numerous thawed patches and caves form in the ice masses. Going to Buluus, take containers with you to get the purest and incredibly tasty water from an icy spring.

Ust-Buotama wood bison nursery

Wood bison – descendants of the ancient bison that inhabited the Yakut lands thousands of years ago, simultaneously with mammoths. The bisonarium "Ust-Buotama", located on the territory of the already mentioned national park "Lena Pillars", was created to restore the livestock of majestic giants.

Introduced from Canada in the early 2000s, the animals successfully adapted to the land of their ancestors – in "Ust-Buotama" about 10 bison calves are born annually. The nursery is surrounded by magnificent nature, it is pleasant to relax here, watching wonderful animals.

River rafting

The opportunities for active tourism in Yakutia are almost endless. Rafting on crystal clear rivers will give you a boost of strength and energy, allowing you to completely recharge away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

There are many water routes in the republic. Rafting along the Lena and the Blue River, you can admire the Lena Pillars from the water. During the trip along the Amga River, you will find excellent fishing, visiting the camps of Evenk reindeer herders and getting to know the ancient rock paintings in the Sylgylyr area.  The route along the Buotama River will allow you to see many taiga inhabitants: elk, red deer, and perhaps even a bear.

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