Dagestan – a beautiful and original region, which is famous for its fantastic nature and unique architectural monuments preserved from time immemorial. It is impossible to see all the beauties of this amazing region in one trip, so you want to come back here again and again.

Troll Language

The rock site, located in the high-mountain village of Goor, got its name due to its resemblance to the Norwegian landmark of the same name. Other names of this place are also known: Maiden Rock, Eagle Ledge, Shaitan's Tongue. 

From here, from a height of 1700 m, a majestic, breathtaking panorama opens up. Those who love thrills and stunning views can take photos practically standing over the abyss.

Goor Watchtowers

Another calling card of the village of Goor – a complex of towers built in the 17th century for defensive purposes. Initially there were seven towers, three of them have survived to date.

Majestic structures 15-20 m high stand on the steep slope of a high mountain. On the walls of the towers in some places you can see stones with solar symbols-amulets, which date back to the pre-Islamic period.

Datong Temple

The monument of medieval Christian architecture is located in the mountain gorge of the Shamil region of Dagestan. The temple, built from blocks of golden-yellow sandstone, stands on a picturesque rock washed by a small mountain river. 

The small graceful church was built by Georgian missionaries at the end of the 10th century. Subsequently, when Islam spread in the region, the temple ceased to be used as a place of worship. Today, the Datong Temple is one of the oldest Christian monuments in the republic.


Gamsutl – one of the most ancient and mysterious places in Dagestan, which is compared to the Peruvian “city of the dead” Machu Picchu. The ghost village hid in the inaccessible mountains at an altitude of almost 1500m. Stone houses, as if grown into the slope, merge with the surrounding mountain landscape.

Life in Gamsutla was in full swing almost until the end of the last century. Gradually people moved closer to civilization, and the village became empty. Now tourists come here for atmospheric photos and dizzying views.

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