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What to do for children at AZIMUT Rosa Khutor hotels?

What to do with children on a trip to Rosa Khutor

Young guests of AZIMUT Hotels

Children's room

In the building AZIMUT Park Hotel Freestyle Rosa Khutor there is a children's playroom. The service is free for guests of all AZIMUT Hotels chain hotels in Rosa Khutor. 

Guests of the AZIMUT Park Hotel Freestyle Rosa Khutor and AZIMUT Park Apartments Valset Rosa Khutor can take the key and independently play with the child in a child-friendly and safe space.

In the photo: area near the AZIMUT Park Apartments Valset Center Rosa Khutor 

Children's playgrounds and other entertainment

Children's playgrounds — part of the general infrastructure of the resort. There are quite a few areas at the resort, one of our favorites is located in front of AZIMUT Park Apartments Valset Home Rosa Khutor in 2 minutes walk from the AZIMUT Park Hotel Freestyle Rosa Khutor. There is also a rope park for children called Fun Grad nearby in the summer.

On the top floor of Parking P4 (1 minute walk) there is a go-kart track.