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Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana, Gazprom in summer

What to do in the summer at the country's main ski resort?

About the differences between Krasnaya Polyana, Rosa Khutor and Gazprom read here.

Krasnaya Polyana

In Krasnaya Polyana there is a rope park at an altitude of 1500 m, an extreme amusement park Gorky Fly at an altitude of 2200 m and a bike park — mountain biking trails.

During short hikes, you can walk through three impressive cirques (semicircular valleys surrounded by rock walls), admire alpine meadows, blooming rhododendrons, fir forests and waterfalls.



«Gazprom» — the oldest resort in the cluster. It is divided into sub-resorts "Laura" and "Alpika".

It is worth climbing to a height of 1660 meters (Pikhtovy Shelter station) to visit a deer farm, a husky park, or ride a rodel alley. At the station Shelter Psekhako Park "Green Polyana" is located with interactive platforms.

And on the lower level of the resort there is the Galaktika shopping center. with a water park. The water park has an open area all year round, offering stunning views of the mountains. Immediately behind the GTC Gazprom station there is a sovarium.

The multi-day hiking route to the Bzerpinsky cornice begins from the Laura slope.



Two cable cars start from the lower station of Alpika. The A3 cable car (the longest in Krasnaya Polyana) will take you directly to the Priyut Pikhtovy station. on the Laura plateau. The second, with several transfers — to the "Shelter of the Winds" at an altitude of 2256 m. At the top, in addition to fantastic views, there is a high-mountain #NotJustBanya — bathhouse with panoramic glazing, where you can take bath procedures with a view of the mountains!

The hotels AZIMUT Park Apartment VALSET HOME Rosa Khutor 3*  and AZIMUT Park Hotel FREESTYLE Rosa Khutor 3* are located as close as possible to the cable cars of the Gazprom resorts.

Rosa Khutor

Rosa Khutor has the most entertainment and activities for every taste.

Here are routes for walking and hiking, including for children. From the simple Health Trail in Rosa Dolina to a six-hour route through the Khargin forest.

Rosa Plato

For children there is real freedom on Rosa Plateau: Yeti Park, children's club "Li-li Monte", husky farm, deer farm.

At the ethno-farm “Shishin Dvor” You can interact with domestic animals, taste and buy farm cheeses and honey, and see estates with a recreated life of Russian settlers of the 19th century.

For guests of the AZIMUT Hotels chain of hotels there is a special price for the ski lift to Rosa Plateau — only 100 rubles (regular tariff — minimum 850 rubles).

Rose Valley

A lot of joy awaits little guests in the lower part of the resort, where hotels and restaurants are located, Rosa Dolina: the FunGrad rope park, karting, a unique Children's Mountain Academy, where children go on expeditions and explore the world of the mountains.

Rose Peak

The most exciting activities are centered around the legendary Rose Peak at an altitude of 2320 m. Breathtaking views open not only from the observation deck and cable cars, but also from the suspension bridge and alpine swing.

There are also such pleasures as rodelbahn, summer tubing and the “Flight of the Eagle” rope crossing. across the Mzymta River at an altitude of 240 meters.


By the water

Rosa Wake Park deserves special attention. — a unique multi-sports complex where they learn wakeboarding on a lake at an altitude of 1000 meters.

There is also a small lake with an equipped beach in Rosa Dolina: Rosa Beach, where there is a small pool with animators for children.

The closest hotels to Rosa Beach are the AZIMUT Hotels chain: AZIMUT Park Apartments VALSET PREMIUM Rosa Khutor 3*, AZIMUT Park Apartments VALSET SPORT Rosa Khutor 3* and AZIMUT Park Apartments VALSET CENTER Rosa Khutor 3*.

Among other things, for guests of the Rosa Khutor resort there is a signature beach in Imereti Bay, where a paid shuttle runs from the Valley.


Where to live in summer?

In winter, guests often choose a resort where there are fewer people and more enjoyable pistes. In the summer, it makes sense to see as many different places as possible.

Rosa Dolina unites the lower ski lifts of two resorts at once, and all 5 hotels of the AZIMUT Hotels chain are located here. And in the summer you can quickly travel by bus from Krasnaya Polyana to the villages of Esto-Sadok and Krasnaya Polyana.

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