The small cozy village Nebug on the Black Sea coast attracts tourists with its thoughtful resort infrastructure and magnificent nature. The swimming season lasts from May to October. In April, it is already quite warm here, while there is no sweltering heat – it's time for a walk!

Nebug has a mild climate, transitional from temperate to subtropical. The mountains surrounding the village on three sides protect from strong winds, and a pleasant refreshing breeze blows from the sea. Lush subtropical vegetation is adjacent to pine and ash forests. Due to the abundance of greenery and the proximity of the sea, the air is saturated with oxygen and iodine, so staying in Nebug has a beneficial effect on health.

The village is small – from any part of the village you can walk to the sea in a maximum of 20 minutes. The beaches, covered with small and medium pebbles, are well equipped. In addition to the central city beach, the entrance to which is free for everyone, Nebug also has equipped beach areas at sanatoriums and hotels.

Beach AZIMUT Park Hotel Prometheus Nebug, strewn with medium-sized pebbles, it is considered one of the best. The entrance to the sea is gentle, the depth increases gradually, the water is unusually clean and transparent. The territory has everything you need for a comfortable stay: comfortable sun loungers, fabric awnings from the sun, changing rooms and showers, playgrounds for outdoor games, rental of sports equipment.

Diving enthusiasts will find it interesting to spend time in Nebug. The Black Sea is famous for its rich flora and fauna, there are mysterious underwater caves and sunken ships. Depending on the level of training, diving to a depth of 5 to 45 meters is possible. There are several certified diving centers in the village, including in AZIMUT Park Hotel Prometheus Nebug .

The surroundings of the village are unusually picturesque. In the gorge, 8 km from the village, there is an amazing natural monument – Nebug waterfalls. The secluded area surrounded by dense deciduous forest is very beautiful, but difficult to access. You can get here on foot or by transport.

The largest Blue waterfall, 8 m high, falls into a natural stone font. The water acquires a rich blue color due to the clay covering the walls of the bowl. A little higher – Carmen waterfall, its cascade descends on stepped white limestone rocks from a height of 4 m. The next waterfall, Theater, is formed by two streams that merge into one powerful stream. The water flows into a natural "bath" that can accommodate several people. On a hot summer day, such a bath is very refreshing.

In the valley of the Nebug River, which gave the name to the village, there is a group of unique megalithic structures – dolmens. The powerful construction of five raw stone slabs has the shape of a small house with a flat roof and a round opening - "portal". The age of dolmens, which were supposedly used by ancient people for funeral rituals, is 3-5 thousands years.

A few kilometers from Nebug, on the territory of the forest park Kadosh, there is one of the most famous natural attractions of the Tuapse region – Kiseleva rock. A sheer trihedral cliff 46 meters high, formed by strata of marine sediments, has an unusual vertical arrangement of sedimentary layers. At the top of the cliff there is an observation deck, which offers a fantastic view of the endless sea surface.

When choosing a place to stay on the Black Sea coast, pay attention to AZIMUT Park Hotel Prometheus Nebug. Here you can have a great vacation, as well as improve your health, take advantage of one of the many health programs.