Founded in 1991, this bright and cozy bakery was located in the future AZIMUT Hotel Olympic, which was then called Olympic Penta. The founder and ideological inspirer of the establishment was the famous French confectioner Jean-Pierre Glezor, one of the world's best confectioners.

The excellent quality of cakes, pastries and pastries made Bakery popular with visitors and their acquaintances, who came by recommendation to try this or that product. Subsequently, they became its regular customers.

More than 30 years later, Bakery's pastry chefs still use recipes and culinary secrets left over from the establishment's founding. Over the years, the employees learned from such famous masters as Nicolas Pango, Frederic Noailles, Michael Azus, Frank Furman, Louis Badenhorst and others.

The bakery pastry chef is Tatiana Voronina. She works in the team of AZIMUT Hotels Moscow since 2011 and during this time has passed a long way from a pastry cook to the chef.

Location: main hotel lobby, 2nd floor.
Opening hours: daily from 8:00 to 20:00.

Any of the products of the confectionery can be ordered:

• by phone +7 (495) 931-90-00, ext. 1868, +7 (915) 302-84-03,

• by internal number 2424 from the hotel room,

We will be glad to execute an order and create an exclusive cake for any of your events!

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