Animals that are accommodated at the hotel: 

  • dogs of decorative breeds weighing up to 5 kg
  • cats of domestic breeds
  • service and guide dogs
  • dogs weighing more than 5 kg can only stay with a separate agreement

What to bring:

  • A current certificate from a veterinarian with a note on vaccinations (mandatory!)
  • mat or cage, food dish and tray
  • muzzle, collar, leash

Cost of placement:

Accommodation of animals costs 1500 rubles / day. This money is spent on general cleaning with special treatment after leaving the hotel.

At check-in, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 3000 rubles so that we can fix the room if the pet damages something. We will fully refund it upon check-out, if this does not happen.

Pet policy:

We kindly ask you to follow our simple rules for staying with a pet at AZIMUT City Hotel St. Petersburg:

- We are very grateful when you feed animals from their dishes, which you bring with you. 

- Please do not leave your pets unattended in the room, lobby or on the territory of the hotel so that they do not feel lonely.

- We appreciate that you don't wash your pets in your room's bathroom or shower and dry them with hotel towels, sheets and linens. Let the pets have everything they need to take care of themselves.

- We are grateful when you walk your pets outside the hotel. This way it always stays clean and beautiful for you and other guests. 

- In public areas, the pet must be muzzled and on a leash or in a special carrier.

We hope that these points will not affect you, but be sure to know them:

- We will ask you to pay additionally for damage to other guests or hotel staff and damage to hotel property by animals, if this happens.

- We will not be able to allow a pet to stay at the hotel if it behaves aggressively towards guests and staff.

How to book a place for an animal:

In the comments to the booking, indicate the type, weight and breed of the animal, so that we can prepare for its arrival. 

For more information contact:

by phone + 7 (812) 740 26 40, by email spb@azimuthotels .com

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