Delicious and varied buffet breakfast, a wide selection of European cuisine, chef`s specialties, as well as delicacies of national Tuvan cuisine.

The restaurant can also host an important event. The chef of the restaurant will offer you banquet meals for your guests.

Opening hours: from 6:00 to 23:00 daily. At the moment the maximum capacity is up to 50% of the total.


Menu (pdf)

Drinks (pdf)




Breakfast buffet for hotel guests is served daily from 06:00 to 10:00


The chef recommends

Asia set

The set includes buuz - Tuvan national steamed dumplings with minced meat, khuuzhuurs - fried mini-meat pasties, khoorgan-et - fried lamb fillet with fresh vegetables, Salsa sauce and hot sauce.

Ideal for a company of 2-3 people.


Tuva set

Fresh assorted vegetables and boiled lamb liver, which is popularly called "Izig-Khan" (from Tuvan "hot blood")


Sogazha is a meal for those who like juicy food. An amazing combination of lamb liver, onion and fat tail fat. 

Roast beef with homemade lecho is a cold appetizer. An incredible combination of beef tenderloin and a mixture of Italian spices.