About hotel

A-HOTEL Fontanka Saint Petersburg is a budget BB hotel in the historical center of St. Petersburg. The hotel has a classic interior. A-HOTEL Fontanka Saint Petersburg is a perfect choice for travelers who value low-cost accommodation and AZIMUT chain standards of service.

What's nearby


What's nearby
  • Troice Izmailovskiy Sobor 5 minutes walk; Bolshaya Horalnaya Sinagoga 15 minutes walk; Nikolo Bogoyavlenskiy Morskoi Sobor 10 minutes walk;


What's nearby


What's nearby
  • Nevsky Prospect 2 metro stations; Mariinsky Teatr 15 minutes walk; Bolshoi Dramaticheskiy Teatr 20 minutes walk

Hotel facilities

Phone number
+7 (812) 740 26 40 Reception
+7 (812) 740 27 00 Booking department
+7 (812) 740 27 79 Corporate Sales Department