AZIMUT Hotels Company LLC (AZIMUT Hotels) launches the loyalty program (the Program) which is designed to enable its Members to enjoy Privileges (as described below) during their stay at AZIMUT Hotels participating in AZIMUT Bonus program and in its partner programs.

Only individuals of majority age both in their country of residence and in the Russian Federation, may enroll in AZIMUT Bonus and become Members (i.e. individuals who have been accepted as Members by the AZIMUT Hotels Company) in case the Loyalty program is allowed by law of their country of residence. Legal entities are not permitted to enroll in AZIMUT Bonus.

The Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue until AZIMUT Hotels decides to terminate the Program, at any time, with or without notice. Members will have twelve months from the date when Program termination is announced to accumulate/redeem AZIMUT Bonus Points. This means that, regardless of the activity of a program Member, his/her right to accumulate Points and claim Privileges can be terminated by AZIMUT Hotels twelve months after AZIMUT Hotels announces the Program termination.

AZIMUT Hotels reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change any of the rules, procedures, conditions, benefits, or Points accumulation system of the Program at its sole discretion, with or without notice. This means that AZIMUT Hotels may make changes that affect, but are not limited to, hotels within the AZIMUT Hotels, travel partner affiliations, rules for earning AZIMUT Bonus Points, redeeming AZIMUT Bonus Points, rules and procedures for the use of Privileges, continued availability of Privileges, reward types, and the features of special offers.


AZIMUT Bonus Points: Units earned by a Member according to the points scale and multiplier described in Article 4.4 in connection with his stay at a hotel participating in the Program, or use of the services of a Program Partner, or as part of a special offer or an action promoting a product or service that provide crediting of Points.

Member: Guest who has accepted the Loyalty Program’s General Terms &Conditions of Use.

Guest: Individual (not a Member of the Program) using AZIMUT Hotel room for an overnight stay or for Day Use purposes.

Eligible Night: An overnight stay completed by a Member that counts towards reaching a Status level according to the scale presented in Article 5. Only overnight stays at hotels participating in the Program, booked through an eligible distribution channel and charged at a rate eligible for earning Points, as described in Articles 4.1 and 4.2 below, are considered to be Eligible Nights.

Day Use: Use of a hotel room solely during the day, with Check-in and Check-out taking place on the same day.

Adjustment: Points credited following a claim by the Member or an error on the part of the Program.

Partner: Company not operated by AZIMUT Hotels but that is nonetheless participating in the Program in one of the two following ways: by allowing Members to earn AZIMUT Bonus Points on their expenses within its network; and/or by providing the opportunity to transfer AZIMUT Bonus Points to its own loyalty Program or vice versa. Partners can operate in a number of sectors including the transport, leisure, retail and tourism sectors.

Privilege: Any service provided to the Member within the Program on the condition of booking accommodation through the sales channels of the AZIMUT Hotels chain, depicted in paragraph 4.1 of these Rules.

Check-in: Date of arrival at the hotel.

Check-out: Date of departure from the hotel.

Status: Level depending on the number of Eligible Nights or the amount of Points earned by a Member over a consecutive year and that determines (i) the advantages received by a Member at hotels participating in the Program and (ii) the scale of AZIMUT Bonus Points earned.

Transaction: Crediting points to or debiting them from a Member's account.


The hotels participating in the Program are hotels operating within the AZIMUT Hotels chain, with the exception of the A-Hotels.

When a hotel or a brand joins the AZIMUT Hotels chain or enrolls in the Program as a participating hotel, Members will only be able to earn Points and enjoy Program-related rewards for the stays, since the date of its official joining the AZIMUT Hotels chain or after the start of participation of such a hotel in the Program.

If a hotel leaves the AZIMUT Hotels chain or ceases to be a participating hotel after the Member makes a booking but before the Member’s actual stay, the Member:

- will not earn Points and will not have access to any Status-related services or rewards whilst staying at the hotel;

- will not have access to any special offers in which the hotel may have participated;

- if applicable, will have Points re-credited for all or part of the booking and will be required to pay directly to the hotel the amount corresponding to the number of AZIMUT Bonus Points used to make the booking.


1.1. Membership conditions

The Program is open to all guests who are able to have, acquire and exercise civil rights and to create, bear and fulfill civil duties full and complete (person with full civil legal capacity) both in accordance with the legislation of the Member’s country of residence and with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Program membership is free of charge.

Membership number is available electronically online and / or on physical media depending on the Status or at the choice of the Participant. AZIMUT Bonus membership is nominative and strictly personal regardless of the form in which the membership card is provided. It cannot be sold, loaned or transferred, no other civil law transactions can be made with it. The membership card is not a means of payment and cannot be used to guarantee a booking. Member’s name, individual identification number, expiry date of Status (for Silver, Gold and Platinum Status levels – see Article 5 below), booking history, current balance of the Member’s points are available in personal account on

Per member there is only one assigned account. Membership may be used only by the Member who has been assigned to the Membership.

A valid e-mail address is required to join the Program. Two or more Members may not use the same email address. By joining the Program, the Member agrees to receive receiving electronic messages about the services of the Program, including Points statements, information regarding the operation of the Member's account and any other informational messages. If the Member no longer wishes to receive this information, considered essential to the Program operation, the Member shall follow the Program termination procedure set forth in Article 9.1.

Members accept that the Program may be modified, totally or partially, at any time. Within a reasonable period before their application, Members will be notified of any changes made to the Program that may substantially modify their rights and obligations relating to the Program, particularly through information posted on the website and/or via email communication. Members have the possibility of terminating their membership as outlined in Article 9.1. Participation in the Program following the effective date of modifications implies acceptance on the part of the Member.

The Member must not disclose his/her personal account password to any other party. The Member accepts responsibility for all Points operations to and from his/her personal account.

1.2. Registering as a Member

A Guest may join the Program in any of the following ways:

  • During his/her stay at a hotel participating in the Program.
  • By registering online on
  • By any other means made available to the Guest.

At the moment of registering the Client agrees to the processing, use, transfer, including cross-border transfer, and storage of his personal data, the list of which is contained in the questionnaire and / or in the personal account of the Member by AZIMUT Hotels Company, the Program Partners, as well as by third parties.

New Members must accept the Program’s General Terms and Conditions of Use, either online or at the hotel, depending on conditions for joining.

Once accepted, the Member will benefit fully from all Program services, including access to the functionalities of the website (such as checking his/her personal account, redeeming Points, etc.), and recognition as a program member by all AZIMUT Hotels web sites and call centers when making reservations.


1.3. Personal account

Using their personal account, Members can:

  • View AZIMUT Bonus Points balance, Eligible Nights balance and Status.
  • Be identified as a Member on the website Center and mobile services.
  • Enter accommodation preferences, personal preferences, and favorite hotels and destinations.
  • View reservation history and modify current reservations, if necessary.
  • Subscribe to AZIMUT Hotels, AZIMUT Bonus and AZIMUT Hotels brand newsletters, and manage subscriptions online.
  • Access to personalized offers and services available only to Program Participants.
  1. Membership Verification

In order to enjoy the various Privileges, Members must provide their loyalty number whenever they wish to take advantage of one of the services available and/or present the Member card in physical or electronic form, and / or tell its ID loyalty number when checking into a hotel. Members who do not meet the aforementioned requirements will not be authorized to take advantage of the Program-related benefits.

In case of loss or theft of the Member's card, the Participant must notify AZIMUT Hotels of this.


Any breach by a Member of these Conditions of Membership, abusive or fraudulent use of the membership or Points, reporting of false information and/or detrimental or objectionable behavior (in particular, regrettable, malicious or insulting behavior towards hotel staff or customers) may result – at the sole discretion of AZIMUT Hotels – in the temporary suspension of the Program membership or termination of membership without notice or compensation and cancellation of any Points earned by the Member with his/her card. The list of reasons for expelling a Member from the Program may be expanded.


When a Member makes an eligible stay at one of the hotels participating in the Program and this stay includes at least one paid night that the Member actually spends at the hotel, the Member's account is credited with Points and nights corresponding to the stay. Day Use generates Points credit only, and no Eligible Night will be counted.

For crediting Points, the amount paid in in any other currency will be converted to Rubles before applying the earned Points scales. The exchange rate applied by the hotel at Check-out is set by AZIMUT Hotels.

Points and Eligible Nights may not be transferred to another Member. They are strictly personal and non-transferable.

Points do not constitute a means of payment and have no monetary value. No money shall be provided for lost or unused Points.

If the Guest is registered in the program no later than 7 days from the moment of check-out, AZIMUT Hotels undertakes to award AZIMUT Bonus Points/Nights for the stay in case all other loyalty program conditions are respected.

4.1. Booking channels eligible for points

Only stays booked at eligible rates via AZIMUT Hotels distribution channels (AZIMUT Hotels branded websites, AZIMUT Hotels reservation center, at hotels), and travel agencies using the GDS program, automatically connected to the reservation center of AZIMUT Hotels, entitle the Member to earn Points and enjoy Rewards.

Eligible stays booked through tour operators or third-party online travel agents (such as,, etc.) do not enable the Member to earn Points or to collect Eligible Nights to obtain a Status.

4.2. Eligible booking rates for accumulating AZIMUT Bonus Points

Only stays booked at an eligible rate enable accumulating Points and getting Privileges from the Program.

“Stay” means the total number of nights spent in a row at the same hotel, regardless of the departure or re-registration of the guest during this period.

Eligible booking rates include all public and promotional rates, and also discount rates booked only on except for the following:

  • Room rates for group bookings with the invoice of the general accommodation bill.
  • Corporate rates providing for postpay.
  • Special Rates for employees of partner companies (travel, tourism, etc.).
  • Contracted Room rates for crew members (airline, shipping or other).
  • Rates for AZIMUT Hotels employees, employees of AZIMUT Hotels Group partner companies and service providers.
  • Tour operator rates, wholesale/tour operator packages.
  • Travel agency discount rates.
  • Complimentary or barter rooms.
  • NET Group rates.
  • Series Group or IT Group rates.
  • Third party websites bookings (irrespective of rate paid).
  • "Opaque" channel bookings where the brand may or may not be defined at the time of booking.

The number of accumulating AZIMUT Bonus Points is calculated on the basis of the invoice amount without VAT.

4.3. Eligible booking rates for accumulating Nights

Only stays booked at an eligible rate enable accumulating Points and getting Privileges from the Program.

The following rates provide the accrual of Nights, but not for the accrual of Points:

  • Travel agency rate.
  • Travel agency/Tour operator rates of net price.
  • FIT rates for travel agency.


4.4. Eligible expenses to accrual Points

Only the following expenses are eligible to earn Points and only if they are paid by a Member who is actually staying at the hotel:

  • Expenses for Member accommodation and, if applicable, for one other room at the same hotel on the same date (for a maximum of two invoiced rooms), provided that (i) the Member is staying in one of these rooms and (ii) the second room is not occupied by another Member; note that if the Member books two rooms, Points are earned for these rooms, but the number of Eligible Nights is based only on the Member's room.
  • Services in addition to hotel accommodations, namely: minibar use, breakfast, telephone, room service, pay television, Member meals at the hotel restaurant, drinks at the hotel bar only if they were included in the room bill;

Points are calculated on the basis of the total invoice for eligible expenses, excluding tax. The invoice must be settled in full, in other words, the payment must have been accepted and confirmed by the hotel. In the event of full or partial default in the payment of an invoice, and notably if the Member stops the payment of a bill, or disputes a bank card payment, he/she will not receive any Points for the transaction in question and will not accumulate any Eligible Nights.

Eligibility rules for the following expenditures vary depending on the infrastructure of each participating hotel:

  • business centre;
  • shop purchases (SMART shops) and souvenir shops;
  • spa products and services;
  • parking;
  • laundry services;
  • taxi services provided that these costs are included in the bill for accommodation;

The following expenditures do not qualify for earning Points:

  • additional expenditures incurred as part of a non-eligible stay (even if settled at the hotel);
  • taxes (notably VAT), tips;
  • taxis, transfers to/from the hotel, service charges and other applicable charges;
  • advances;
  • deposits;
  • expenses incurred as part of organizing a company seminar, conference, banquet or any other event including private events – settled by the Member;
  • all charges and expenses which are not specifically listed as eligible expenditures.

4.5. AZIMUT Bonus Points Scale


The Program offers four Status levels that are attributed according to the number of Eligible Nights or Points earned: Bonus, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Each Status has its own multiplier for Points Rewarding, as shown in the table below, on the basis of 1 RUB* in eligible expenses.

* For hotels outside the Russian Federation, the amount spent is recalculated based on the fixed exchange rate at the time the Client leaves the hotel



Multiplier of POINTS rewarding AT PARTICIPATING BRANDS**










**A-Hotels are not participating

If a Member's Status changes between booking and Check-out, the rules used for attributing Rewards Points will be those of the Status at Check-out. For accommodation of several nights in a row, the Participant receives one point accrual when paying the full amount of the invoice.

4.6. Earning Points with partners of the Program

It is also possible to earn Points with Program Partners according to conditions that are specific to each Partner. Relevant conditions can be found in the AZIMUT Bonus website section of

It is not possible to simultaneously credit/use AZIMUT Bonus and AZIMUT Hotels Partner points.

The Loyalty program discounts are not cumulative with other special offer discounts neither from AZIMUT Hotels not from other program partners.


4.7. Special offers and promotion actions

Members may also earn Points in the context of special offers or promotional operations organized by AZIMUT Hotels. In this context, earning Points depends on meeting specific conditions that apply to each offer or operation and that are communicated to Members.

4.8. Validity of AZIMUT Bonus Status

AZIMUT Bonus Status is valid for 365 days from the date of the event that generated Points credit and assigned Loyalty Status. The validity of AZIMUT Bonus Status is extended by 365 days each time the Member stays at a Participating Hotel that is eligible for getting AZIMUT Bonus Status and accumulating Points.

If the Member cannot accumulate the necessary Points and/or Nights to confirm his/her current AZIMUT Bonus Status during 365 consecutive days since AZIMUT Bonus Status was assigned, his/her Loyalty Status will be downgrade on lower level, but Points will be saved.

If the Member does not stay at a participating Hotel during a period of 365 consecutive days, all the AZIMUT Bonus Points in his/her account, whatever their origin, will be lost without prior notice, without being able to restore or transfer these Points, but Loyalty Status will be downgrade on lesser level.

AZIMUT Bonus reserves the right to suspend or discontinue AZIMUT Bonus membership, including any Elite Membership Status (inter alia Silver Member, Gold Member, and Platinum Member status), for any Member who appears to be using the Program in a manner inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions or intent of the Program or any portion of the Program, including, but not limited to, points redemption use. AZIMUT Bonus also reserves the right to discontinue membership for any Member, which in the opinion of AZIMUT Hotels or on the basis of reliable information, has:

  1. acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable local or federal laws, regulations or ordinances,
  2. breached or violated any of these Program Terms and Conditions,
  3. engaged in any fraudulent or dishonest behavior, theft, misconduct or wrongdoing in connection with the account, including without limitation, involving Reward redemption or Certificate use, or other Member benefits,
  4. engaged in any abusive, fraudulent, disruptive, inappropriate, offensive or hostile conduct, whether it be physical, verbal or written in nature, towards any hotel within the AZIMUT Hotels or their guests or employees, or towards AZIMUT or any of its employees or contractors, or
  5. failed to pay any bills or accounts due to AZIMUT Hotels or any hotel within the AZIMUT brand.

Such discontinued membership may result in the loss of all accumulated Points and the cancellation of AZIMUT Bonus Certificates, discounts and privileges, including the loss of any associated membership Status. In addition to discontinuance of AZIMUT Bonus membership, AZIMUT Hotels shall have the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, including, without limitation, criminal prosecution, as it deems necessary in its sole discretion.


Members may at any time access a higher Status if they reach the required number of Eligible Nights or amount of Points, as shown in the table below.






70 000



150 000



300 000

After 365 days prior to enrollment/new membership level assignment, an assessment is made of Eligible Nights completed and Points earned by a Member during the year:

  • If, during the consecutive year after receiving Elite Status, the Member collected one of the thresholds allowing them to maintain their current Status or access a higher Status, they retain that Status for the consecutive year until the date of Status receiving;
  • If, during the consecutive year after receiving Elite Status, the Member did not reach one of the thresholds allowing them to maintain their current Status, they will be awarded the Status directly below the one previously held, as indicated on the above scale. The use of Points has no effect on keeping or changing a Status.

In addition to receiving Points, Members with a status of Silver and higher enjoy other status-related Privileges.

Only the Member is entitled to the Privileges associated with the membership.

These Privileges are available in subject of reservation is eligible for Points/Nights’ accumulation.

These Privileges are described more fully in the AZIMUT Bonus section and in personal account on website.

In particular, the guarantee of an available room before arrival is subject to the following specific conditions:

  • The guarantee covers room availability only and not a particular type of room.
  • Reservation must be made before noon, 12:00PM (local time at the hotel) and at least 2 days (for Platinum cardholders) prior to the date of arrival.
  • The Member must request this guarantee at the time of booking.
  • This guarantee applies only to stays booked via AZIMUT Hotels distribution channels, paid for at the standard or full rate (excluding promotions or discounts) and for one room only (the Member’s room). For bookings that include several rooms, this guarantee therefore does not apply to the additional rooms.
  • If the hotel is unable to guarantee room availability, it commits to accommodating the Member at another nearby AZIMUT hotel or at a hotel in an equivalent category. If the Member is accommodated at a hotel that is not part of the AZIMUT Hotels group, the hotel will refund any difference in the cost of the first night and any related transportation fees, upon presentation by the Member of the corresponding invoices. All accommodation expenses for this night (price paid by the Member, as well as the additional price reimbursed by the hotel) enable Points credit and collecting Eligible Nights.
  • The room availability guarantee applies to all participating Hotels.
  • The availability guarantee does not apply on certain dates. Member can check the official calendar of such dates at the hotel. The contact details are available on

In Contacts section

  • In particular, a 20% discount in restaurants and bars for Platinum members is available only in restaurants and bars owned by the hotel. The accrual of points to the member’s bonus account for this service is possible only in case of inclusion in the room bill paid at a check-out.



Members may use their Points in the following cases:

  1. Points can be used to book accommodation at the corresponding rate indicated in points and available on for the participating hotels or in the AZIMUT Hotels mobile application
  2. when a reservation is made Points up to the limit of 500 000 Points per reservation;
  3. using Points to obtain accommodation charged in a currency other than Rubles, will entail the application of the AZIMUT Hotels group’s exchange rate of reference at the time of check-out of the Guest from the hotel;
  4. Redeeming points (tariff for AZIMUT Bonus points) on cannot be available on certain dates for reservations.

Points used by a Member can only be re-credited to the Member’s account in the following cases:

  1. cancellation of a reservation by the Member 24 hours before Check-in for rates where cancellations and changes are permitted;
  2. change of reservation by the Member entailing a reduction to the number of Points used when making the original reservation, for rates where cancellations and changes are permitted (unless the member has already checked in);
  3. Member’s failure to arrive at the hotel for rates where cancellations and changes are permitted (the amount of the first night will still be charged);

Points will not be re-credited

  1. If a Member changes or cancels a reservation at a rate where changes and refunds are not permitted;
  2. Points used directly at a participating hotel during a stay cannot be re-credited if the Member has authorized the hotel to use Points;
  3. Some participating hotels do not accept points to pay for meals. A list of such hotels can be found on or checked directly at the hotel.

All reservations paid with Points, are not eligible to earn Points or Eligible Nights. Securing Privileges from Partners (notably converting points into points used by other loyalty Programs) is subject to the Member observing all the related Terms and Conditions laid down by each individual Partner (number of Bonus Points required to obtain the Privilege, dates, availability, etc.). When Partners allow Points to be transferred to their own Programs, Points can only be transferred to a Partner account held in exactly the same name as the Member’s AZIMUT Bonus account. Terms and Conditions can be consulted in AZIMUT Bonus section on

In any case, the use of Points cannot give rise to any monetary consideration in any form whatsoever including a cash refund, exchange, etc.

For the purposes of using Points, the Member accepts that the information and transactions recorded in the computer systems used by AZIMUT Hotels will constitute proof that these transactions were made, until evidence is shown to the contrary.

  1. Conditions of Membership after the introduction of the new Loyalty Program AZIMUT BONUS

Due to the implementation of new Loyalty Program since 10 April 2018 AZIMUT Hotels Company:

  • Converts total of points, gained during the last period of time and also rewards additional number of Nights in accordance with Membership Status on following rules:


MAXIMUM POINTs transferred to new program

Number of nights available after loyalty program transfer


10 000



35 000



75 000



150 000


  • Saves the current membership status within 12 months from the date of new Loyalty Program transfer. At the end of this period its status can be changed in accordance with the number of eligible nights or the number of accumulated points.
  • Affords the Member an opportunity for using Points to book accomodation in AZIMUT Hotels chain.
  • Affords the Member opportunity for payment of accommodation costs in accumulated Points that Member has after new Loyalty Program transfer.
  • The possibilities indicated above, become available to the Member only after he/she confirms the participation in the new loyalty Program by clicking the "Confirm Participation" button in the letter sent to the email address indicated by the Member
  • The old loyalty cards are valid until 1 November 2018. From 1 November 2018 Member can use its Loyalty Program number that is available after personal account registration and act in accordance with paragraph 2 of this Loyalty Rules.


9.1. Claims to participating hotels of the Program


If the Member notes that his/her Points are not credited as expected after a minimum of seven days following the Member’s stay at a participating hotel, the Member may submit a claim for Points adjustment within three months following the stay in question (based on the Check-out date). To do this, the Member must fill out the claim in the Member’s personal account on website online.

For processing of the claim, the Member must attach a copy of the paid invoice from the relevant hotel. This invoice must not include handwritten modifications. Only the document printed by the hotel is acceptable and must be established in the name of the Member making a claim.

Once a claim is proved to be justified, the correct amount of Points will be credited to the Member’s account within 14 working days.


9.2 Claims to Program Partners

In case of any questions related to the accrual of Points earned by the Program Partners, the Participant must send a request through his personal account on with all supporting documents attached. For Points to be credited, the paid invoice corresponding to the claim must be in the name of the AZIMUT Bonus Member making the claim.

The Member must wait at least 50 days from the date the Partner service was provided before submitting a claim. The deadline for filing such a claim is specific to each Partner and is listed in AZIMUT Bonus section on

In case of converson of AZIMUT Bonus Points into other Loyalty Program Points or air miles, the AZIMUT Hotels Сompany ceases to bear any responsibility since the request for such conversion is confirmed by the Partner. If, however, Points have been debited from the AZIMUT Bonus Member’s account but Points or air miles have not been credited to the Partner Program account within 50 days, the Member should contact the Program administrator of the Partner Program within the time limits specified by the Program in question.



10.1. Termination by the Member

A Member may decide to withdraw from the Program at any time. A Member may terminate his/her membership through the personal account on or an official request to AZIMUT Hotels by e-mail stating that he/she wishes to terminate his/her membership.

10.2. Suspension or termination by AZIMUT Hotels

Any breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Program by a Member using the membership card may, at the discretion of AZIMUT Hotels, result in:

  • temporary suspension of individual's membership for a period to be decided by the Program Administrator;
  • termination of the membership, that is, the immediate cancellation of the card, its benefits, the closure of the account and the cancellation of the Points earned, without any claim for compensation by the Member, for whatever reason.

10.3. Consequences of suspension

During the Suspension Period, the Member may not redeem his/her AZIMUT Bonus Points according to the conditions stipulated in Article 4 herein.

During the Suspension Period, and no later than the expiry date of the Suspension Period, the Program Administrator may decide to:

  • lift the suspension, in which case the Member can take advantage of the benefits and services available to Members and redeem his/her Rewards Points once again;
  • order the termination of the membership in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 hereof.

10.4 Consequences of termination

When membership is terminated, the Member shall be completely removed from the Program and all relations between the Program Administrator and the Member shall be irrevocably ended. This removal also results in the deletion of all Points accumulated at the date of termination.


Members may access all information regarding their membership in the Program (including their Points balance, Eligible Nights balance and the operation of their account) via their personal account on the website. In accordance with Article 4.1, by becoming a Program Member, he/she begins to receive electronic messages about the Program (information messages, extracts by Points, etc.). Members by becoming a Member of the Program, agree to receive email communications associated with the operation and services offered by the Program (messages, Points statements, etc.).

Any Member who joins the Program further agrees to receive commercial information by email from the Program, including promotions for Members only. If the Member no longer wishes to receive commercial communications by email, he/she may unsubscribe at any time from these commercial offers by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of the email or via his/her personal account. This action has no effect on his/her membership.

The Member must notify the Program of any change of email or postal address, name, or any other relevant information via his/her personal account.


All personal data regarding the Member is processed by AZIMUT Hotels, is responsible for data processing as part of Program administration and management (such as for memberships and claims). The protection of such data is provided in accordance with the AZIMUT Hotels Privacy Policy.

By registering as a Member of the AZIMUT BONUS program, making reservations, living in hotels of the AZIMUT chain, using services under the AZIMUT brand, providing its data for the above purposes, the Member agrees that AZIMUT Hotels can transfer the Member’s personal data in any volume to any country in the world and any third parties solely pursuant to these General Terms and / or Agreements concluded by the Participant with any other third party and / or agreements concluded by AZIMUT Hotels with any third a person pursuant to these General Terms.

The Member's consent to the processing of his/her personal data takes effect from the moment of his/her registration in the Program and is valid indefinitely until the personal data is revoked by sending a written request to AZIMUT Hotels in accordance with Article 9.1 or by sending such a request to

Members have the right to access, query, change, and oppose the use of stored personal information about them for legitimate reasons or, in particular, to oppose commercial prospection. To exercise these rights, Members may email to



Joining the Program implies acceptance by Members the General Terms & Conditions of Use of the Program without reserve. These GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS

shall prevail over any previous text.

In case of dispute between a Member and AZIMUT Hotels concerning the General Conditions of the Program, the Member has the right to contact AZIMUT Hotels through his personal account on or send an official letter to

If it is not possible to resolve the dispute through negotiations within 60 calendar days from the date the Member first contacted, the Member can apply any other ways of protection.


Additional information and details regarding AZIMUT Hotels Loyalty Program, and notably the additional services provided by each Participating Hotel and the rewards and benefits offered by each Partner, are available in the AZIMUT Bonus section on website.