#SibirSibir is a restaurant of modern and traditional Siberian cuisine.

In the interior, everything reminds us of Siberia like samovars, kettles, birdhouses, stewed pillows, blankets, pickles, wood finish and other elements of Russian-Siberian life. Here you find a wall with felt boots and sails. Or the ceiling in the bar, decorated with ten thousand spoons. And in the evening, they drown out the fireplace, because in Siberia can not do without a living fire.

The bar inside the restaurant is a relaxing place for lonely hotel guests and a great way for visitors to start their evening with an aperitif. And in the wine cabinet there is an extensive collection of 1,200 bottles. In the "Vodochnaya" thematic room there are about 740 bottles.

The chef of the restaurant is Natalia Krupenya. Andrey Makhov, one of the best chefs of Russian cuisine in our country, also takes part in the developing of the menu.

Cuisine: based on four basic elements: traditional Russian, northern, Soviet and modern Russian.

Vegetarian dishes: Yes, there are salads, pickles, and hot vegetable dishes.

Opening hours: daily 12:00-00:00.

Capacity: 196 seats, 5 thematic zones.


On the menu you can see dishes like steak from Karasuk beef, Altai stew, rabbit stew, ear from rooster and four kinds of fish. There are famous Siberian snacks - stroganina from deer, sugudai and various Siberian typical tinctures and liquors.

You can find the main menu, wine list and children's menu on the restaurant website sibirsibir.ru. 

The chef recommends

A dish that you will appreciate: rabbit meat cooked sous-vide becomes unusually airy. Delicate sour cream sauce, the taste of which is framed by fried porcini mushrooms, and ptitim pasta harmoniously accentuates the contrast of textures.


An indispensable part of the Russian feast - homemade pickles. We make them with love according to original family recipes. Pickled cabbage with lingonberries, spicy pickled garlic, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes from a wooden barrel, crispy blueberries and lightly salted cucumbers.


A royal recipe embodied in the menu #SiberiaSiberia. Dense fish soup made of two kinds of fish: sturgeon and salmon. We traditionally add vodka, serve with fresh herbs and tomatoes.

Contact us

Tel: +7 (383) 209‒1‒209
E-mail: info@sibirsibir.ru