Sibir (that means Siberia) confectionery in AZIMUT Hotel Novosibirsk is one of the best and oldest confectioneries in the city. Here you will find classic recipes in a new reading. The cakes will charm you with their exquisite and original taste. 

All products are handmade. For cakes we use Italian glaze, Belgian chocolate, Altai flour, butter with not less than 82.5% fat content, and cream with not less than 33%. We don't use any vegetable cream, preservatives or stabilizing additives.

For many of our customers, "delicious cake" means the one from our pastry shop.

Location: 1st floor, lobby of AZIMUT Hotel Novosibirsk

Opening hours: 24/7.

Assortment: cakes, pies made of flaky and yeast cakes, candies, pastries

Our guests especially like

The recipe for these cakes has not changed for over 10 years. We use only natural, high quality ingredients from proven suppliers.

Austrian Cake

Honey cakes, sour cream with boiled condensed milk, walnuts and prunes.

Poppy seed cake

Poppy crusts layered with vanilla bavaroise cream. The top made from blackberry jelly decorated with freshly frosted berries.

Bird cherry cake

Bird cherry biscuit is layered with the delicate sour cream. The cake is decorated with slices of chocolate and fresh blueberries.

Puff-pastry cake with cream

Puff pastry, hard-sauce of natural cream, condensed milk and walnuts.

Cake "Elegia"

Tender milk crusts layered with creamy cheese cream and confit of aromatic strawberries. Decorated with fresh strawberries and rosemary.

Banana Hit Cake

Fluffy pie shells layered with creamy custard and caramelized bananas. Decorated with chocolate glaze, soft meringue and airy rice.