Balneotherapy and hydrotherapy at AZIMUT Health Akvamarin – medicinal, pearl and aroma baths.

During the procedures, the body is affected by several factors at once: the mechanical influence of water, its temperature and composition. As a result of balneotherapy, changes in metabolism and the functioning of the immune, cardiovascular and other body systems are observed in the human body. Sessions improve the body's adaptation to environmental conditions and contribute to the formation of greater resistance to diseases and stress.

Popular medicinal, pearl and aroma baths:

  • «Cleopatra» - a bath with milk and honey, a gentle procedure with a bright cosmetological effect, makes the skin fresh, elastic, soft, cleansing and nourishing vitamins and minerals;
  • «Aphrodite» - a rejuvenating bath tones the body and has an anti-inflammatory effect, the composition of oils has a beneficial effect on the skin and internal organs;
  • Wine – hydrotherapy with wine relieves nervous and muscle tension, strengthens blood vessels, activates blood circulation, baths with wine improve the structure of the skin, increase the body's protective functions;
  • Aroma bath with sage – a preventative against skin and joint diseases, the procedure relieves stress, actively fights fatigue, normalizes sleep, improves mood, sage baths also have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect;
  • Medical turpentine – a natural method of treatment, thanks to the procedures, the protective properties of the body and the central nervous system are strengthened, tissue trophism is improved, the body is cleansed of toxins;
  • Medical antler – the composition is rich in microelements, slows down the aging process, improves brain function, activates memory, sharpens vision, normalizes sexual functions, normalizes blood circulation.

The balneo department of the medical center offers a wide range of baths, including: iodine-bromine, hydrogen sulfide (Matsesta), bischofite, taiga, laurel and others.

Diagnostic and treatment department:

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Not only guests of the sanatorium, but also guests of the resort city of Anapa and the village of Vityazevo can use the services of the medical center.

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