Herbal tea, or herbal tea — a drink brewed from caffeine-free plants. They usually drink herbal tea for health purposes; the result depends on the properties of a particular plant or collection.

Of course, each plant has its own unique properties, you can find out which mixture is right for you during a consultation with a therapist at the medical center.

The phytobar of the AZIMUT Health Akvamarin sanatorium offers the following herbal infusions:

  • antiviral
  • sedative
  • hypertensive
  • cardiovascular
  • articular
  • vitamin
  • gastric
  • choleretic
  • diabetic
  • renal
  • liver
  • gynecological
  • chest
  • menopausal

Biologically active substances contained in herbs have a mild and long-lasting therapeutic effect on the body. The main thing is to remember to follow the recommendations of experts.

Oxygen cocktail in the Phyto-bar of the medical center.

Oxygen is the main source of energy for the body; without oxygen, metabolism is impossible, 1/3 of the oxygen consumed goes to the brain.

More than 50 years ago, scientists invented oxygen cocktails; thanks to numerous studies, in the modern world, airy foam, consisting of thousands of bubbles filled with precious O2 molecules, benefits adults and children.

Cocktails quickly replenish oxygen deficiency, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, activate mental activity, relieve fatigue and nervous tension, normalize sleep, increase training performance, and this is not all the beneficial properties of oxygen drinks.

Experts recommend a course of “Oxycocktails” to get tangible results.

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