We know how to maintain your golden tan all year round - AZIMUT Health Akvamarin sanatorium invites you to use the services of a solarium.

The solarium uses a balanced and controlled combination of rays of different wavelengths. Our lamps do not emit rays harmful to the skin, the body is nourished with vitamin D, and the condition of bone tissue and joints improves. With the help of a solarium you can get rid of depressed mood, chronic fatigue syndrome and the effects of stress.

Visiting a solarium helps you acquire an even tan at any time of the year, effectively fights skin diseases (acne, eczema), activates metabolism and endocrine activity, has a positive effect on the circulatory and nervous systems, accelerates metabolism, and normalizes cholesterol levels.

Don't forget to use specialized creams to moisturize your skin during and after tanning in a solarium.

Not only guests of the sanatorium, but also residents and guests of the Anapa and Vityazevo resort can use the services of the spa center.


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